We are all cyborgs now

We are all cyborgs now: Amber Case on TED.com.

Oh just experimenting, I thought the little film would show up, but it’s only a link. Don’t mind me.  Kept coming across this thing called TED in my cyborg travels. Going through my cyborg adolescence. Bear with me, as they say at the call centres. Watch it if you’re curious, or don’t. Too much stuff out there on the internet anyway. TED appears to be a stack of inspirational talks, not sure what the background is, not sure if I’m that interested, but there might be some good stuff there and I might go back and finish listening to that one I have linked to above sometime. But you know, unlike when you are stuck in a real lecture hall and it is an effort to get out of there, the people you have to ask to move, the wet raincoats, falling over people’s bags, that feeling you’re being watched by everyone as you inch the door open and escape, well that doesn’t apply here,  does it? Thank goodness.

When I started this blog as Zeb, I meditated long and hard on my mantra.’ On the Internet noone knows you’re a dog.’  Which reminds me I really should have a New Yorker subscription again.

There used to be this cod psychology thing; the one that goes, there are your three selves, How I see myself;  how others see me;  how I’d like others to see me – do I now have to consider how the net sees me? Perish the thought. I’m real, but I’m not so sure about you…or variations on that theme… anyway as I said, that’s enough of all that.

Here’s a nice picture of a blackbird taking a bath in the garden, in the smallest bird bath in town. He knew I was watching him through the window, but he went on and splashed away anyway. Is that a metaphor? Could be. Have a great weekend everyone!

My first bath since the temperatures came up above freezing!

7 thoughts on “We are all cyborgs now

  1. bagnidilucca

    I would prefer not so see people all around me fiddling with mobile phones ALL the time. Can’t someone just sit on a bus and look out the window???? Facebook is beyond me and I have NO interest in twitter. I guess I am just out of the loop. I like the blackbird.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Oh hello. I have been very unprofessionally rewriting this post after I published it. Stuff the rules. But, yes, mobile phones, I particularly hate them in restaurants, when young lovers are sitting opposite each other and instead of looking into each others’ eyes, they stare at their plates and whip out their phone/cameras. But I hated cameras for years, refused to take one on holiday, wanted nothing between me and the experience. You are not out of any loop. You are making choices. I’m glad you like the blackbird ;)

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      I was just reading WordPress’s bright and chirpy Learn how to have a blog and win fiends and influence popple post and I know you are not supposed to mix and match your posts, but just once in a while I am sure people can cope with a little introspection. The blackbird is a joy though. I have been reading some really interesting stuff about colour and birds’ feathers and mating preferences today.

  2. jan trounce

    I’ve just added my email address in the subscription box because I realised I’d missed a post – so I have now created a ‘worm hole’. You are such an interesting cyborg, Joanna. As for your UFO – I can imagine that, after indulging in Hedgrow Tipple, I would be speechless with laughter and playing Melba Toast UFOs too! Actually B’s comment about not liking gin after you’d made two gin-jars – reminded me of my grandson. Halfway through his third home made biscuit and with his fourth clutched in his hand, he said ” I hate these biscuits”!??

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Thank you for subscribing Jan! I have this habit of holding the bread in slices up to the window to see how it looks. It’s a sort of joke on the ‘windowpane’ test, which is when bakers who like to knead their dough for long periods of time, test the readiness of their dough by stretching it out to see if it forms a windowpane. In fact, it isn’t necessary to do this for many of the breads I make, but it’s a habit with many bakers brought up in a different tradition.

      Here is a pic of the melba the right way round and then it became a UFO….melba in the window

      Oh and I like the sound of your grandson, practical, satisfies hunger but makes it clear that he doesn’t like the biscuits, so improving his chances of getting a different biscuit next time. Smart chap!

      Wormhole, rabbit hole, Lewis Caroll would have loved the cyber age!

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