Published Errata for Baking Books

This page is basically a list of where to find any published Errata that I know of for my favourite Baking books. It is probably going to be a work in progress sort of page, so please if you alter your recipes in your books bear in mind the following:

  1. These errata are not written by me but either by the authors or their publishers
  2. You may have an edition in which the errors have all been corrected

If you find the links don’t work, do let me know. For reasons to do with copyright I do not intend to publish any of these errata on my blog. I recommend therefore that you download the pdfs to your own computer if you need to refer to them.

Errors don’t help, particularly when you are learning and totally reliant on the recipe in the book. I can well understand that it is extraordinarily hard to produce perfect recipes, the opportunities for errors to creep in are legion, especially with modern word-processing and the endemic use of cut and paste.  Felicity Cloake wrote a Guardian column about it called Cookbook errors: recipes for disasters.

However,  a beginner can’t say, ‘hey, steady on, that water can’t be enough for that amount of flour….or that’s way too hot or way too long to prove that loaf”

A beginner just does what it says in the book and it is hard enough to learn to bake purely from a book without having the added gremlin of printing errors and proofing oversights.

One of the few advantages a blogger has over a print author is that they can sneak back onto their blogs and correct errors when they are pointed out to them; a published author doesn’t have that luxury until and if their publisher decides to do another print run and in the meantime, old copies of their books are in libraries and book stores and so on. I have every sympathy with them and hopefully this is seen as a positive thought to print these links here.

If you know of any published authorized errata for baking books which would be helpful to share with everyone who loves to bake please leave a comment on this post indicating where they are to be found.  Click on the relevant links to go to where the Errata are published.

  • Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman → Errata (Feb 2011)  . published originally on Mellow Bakers in this section of the forum with permission and help from the author. There may be other errata picked up on by the current group of Mellow Bakers. Have a look on that forum here.
  • Note: there is a new edition of Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman published October 2012
  • How to Make Bread by Emmanuel Hadjiandreou → Errata (April 2012) published on Farine’s blog with permission and help from the author.
  • Local Breads by Dan Leader  → Errata published here on his Bread Alone site (coincidentally someone responded to a review I wrote on Amazon of this book a few years ago  saying how helpful it was to have a review on there which led them to the errata for the book – maybe it is something that authors should add to their publication pages on Amazon?? )
  • The Hummingbird Bakery Book → Errata and other helpful tips!
  • Inside the Jewish Bakery by Stan Ginsberg and Norman Berg Errata

14 thoughts on “Published Errata for Baking Books

  1. Ray

    Now why didn’t I read this before I made the levain de campagne sourdough this morning! the dough was very dry and i did add more water but in hindsight i should have trusted my instincts and added a little more. Oh well, it is in the banetton now so we shall see. Still my favourite bread book.

  2. Joanna Post author

    I’m glad you’ve found the errata now anyway, if you notice anything as you bake through the book please let me know Ray :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      I was a tester too! And they never sent me my copy which they offered in return for one of my photos. I asked why but never got a reply. But I will add the errata. Thank you Karin.

  3. Karin Anderson

    That’s rather aggravating! Did they use your photo? When I did my testing, there were several flops among the tested recipes (you should have heard my husband complain!) but all things that I baked from the finished book I really liked, even bake their onion rolls regularly for sale.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I have never seen the book so I don’t know :) They sent me legal stuff to sign over rights to a photo of a babka and they said there would be a copy of the book in return. Maybe they didn’t use it so decided there was no deal. Who knows, they never said when I emailed them nicely about it. Didn’t really feel like buying the book after that to be honest. Lots of flops here too, some very strange bakes!

  4. Karin Anderson

    That would have pissed me off! My experience (after the testing ended) was varying, sometimes I didn’t get an answer to my email, other times Stan answered very friendly right away. I know that Stan said he was very sorry for the confusion, and that they were really overwhelmed by the whole thing.
    In your stead, I would probably email again, and remind them that you are still waiting.
    My impression was that the test recipes were much more unpolished than, for example, those I get from “Cook’s Illustrated”, where I am tester, too. In the finished book these strange bakes were all redone. Apart from the errata which I downloaded before, I was very pleasantly surprised how nice the book is. Every tester, by the way, is mentioned by name.

  5. Joanna Post author

    I will leave it be, let sleeping bakers lie and all that. I did mail again when an acquaintance mentioned it to me and had no response, so i just chalked it up to experience.

  6. Karin Anderson

    Very understandable! Especially when you think what work went into making some of those test recipes that turned out to be “strange bakes” that you didn’t really want to eat!

    1. Joanna Post author

      I have finally had a response and they are sending me a copy of the book, isn’t that great!

    1. Joanna Post author

      The trouble with reading too many bread blogs (smiles) you get to find out these things, so I thought I would put the ones I knew in one place so I could refer to them. Sometimes they get corrected in later editions. Hope it is of use to you!

  7. Joanna Post author

    Just a final word here, I am getting loads of spam on this one so am closing comments but if you do want to update something here, leave a comment on a recent post and I will reply.

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