Dad Bakes A Cake

22 March 2020, so here we are again. I have decided to revive the old blog, not sure how many posts there’ll be but this seemed like a good one to put out there.

Dad is living with us currently and I have challenged him to bake a cake. He tells me that he hasn’t ever made one in his 91 years on this earth, so as it’s never too late to bake a cake he set himself to the task this afternoon.

The ‘men only’ lemon drizzle cake from Pam Corbin’s cake book was his choice.

I documented the evidence of him weighing everything out, sieving flour and baking powder, using the Kenwood mixer, buttering and flouring the Bundt tin, possibly the trickiest bit of the operation and spooning the batter thoughtfully into the tin and levelling it up. I couldn’t really believe he hadn’t done this before…

Cake out of the oven, and tipped out clean as a poodle after a close shave, he delicately drizzled (nice alliteration Jo)  the lemon/granulated sugar mix onto the top and went back to finish composing a poem about making cake and the current state of the world. It’s a bit of a downer that poem but that’s the way he rolls.

I have been encouraging him to do HASfit exercise classes, which we found on YouTube but today I let him off as he was going to bake a cake. I am a hard task master.

PS Zeb and Lulu are still with us, though they too are getting old. Here is Lulu lying out in the sun this afternoon for the first time this year. Home is OK today.

Stay well everyone xx Jo

11 thoughts on “Dad Bakes A Cake

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thank you for reading it! Dad was so funny, when we sampled his cake last night, he kept saying, you can tell it really is home-made can’t you? I think he was very pleased with himself. How are you?

    1. Joanna Post author

      I’m not going to post like before, just once in a while, I hope you are well too! Nice of you to drop in :)

  1. Jeannette Mara

    Nice to see you back, I’ll drop in from time to time,hope you are keeping well.

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