Comment Policy

My comment policy and thoughts on reblogging are as follows and may change without notice.

  • I reserve the right to remove any comments without explanation. I also reserve the right to remove reblogging and pingback type comments as I am not keen on either of these but you are of course free to do this as per the terms of who host this blog. I would prefer it if you link to the post you like by writing your own post and putting a link in it to this blog.  If you want to show one of my photos, together with a hyperlink back to me,  then one from any one post is acceptable to me.
  • I moderate people’s first comment i.e. I read it, see if you are ‘real’ and not spam and then after that you are welcome to comment without being moderated.
  • If you put a hyperlink in your comment it will be held until I have checked that the link works and I might tidy up the comment so that the link works from a word in your comment, they look neater that way.
  • I sometimes correct spelling and typos (bad habit of old ex teacher) to make your comments look lovely.
  • If you have commented previously and change email address then the WordPress software treats you as if you are a ‘new’ commenter and once again holds your comments for moderation.
  • I get on average between 30 – 60 spam comments a day, 99.99% of which are held in a folder by Akismet, very occasionally a nice human being gets caught up in there by mistake. I scan them all and will rescue you if you are in there.
  • I do not carry advertising. In fact I pay WordPress a small fee each year not to have advertising on the blog.
  • This blog is a personal blog reflecting my interests and hobbies.
  • If you wish to contact me, please leave a comment on a recent post with a valid email address.
  • Thank you for all your lovely comments, they make the blog come alive and give me great pleasure.