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  Ooh look I’ve just found how to do a slideshow….. :)

Here is one I made a while ago –  the one I wanted to take the picture of was whipped away by my neighbour  – she came with three baby tomato plants to trade me for a fresh loaf on Sunday morning.  I think I get a pretty good deal.  The bread is a Golspie Loaf made from a Dan Lepard recipe in the HandMade Loaf with a rye leaven starter and a soft oat coating.  I get asked for this one over and over, it’s baked in a springform tin and is easy peasy!

7 thoughts on “Swap

  1. Zeb Post author

    Of course you can. Or feed your white leaven with some wholemeal flour or rye if you have it. The idea of this loaf is that it uses barley, oats, wholemeal and rye to give you something like a loaf made with flours from this very special mill in Sutherland UK http://www.golspiemill.co.uk/ that Dan visited in HML.

  2. sallybr

    You mentioned this loaf to me before by email, if I remember correctly. I do need to make it, for some reason in the book it did not seem too appealing

    Wow, you learned the slideshow trick pretty early in your blogger’s career – I just found it a week ago! :-)

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Dunno about it being a career. Where do i find extra smileys by the way?
      I am very fond of smileys….
      The Golspie Loaf is a very, can I say British, or should I say Scottish, don’t want to offend anyone inadvertently, sort of loaf. Oats, barley are all traditional grains here and this bread appeals to anyone brought up being told that brown bread, and particularly stone ground whole meal
      is especially good for you. Almost turns you into a saint in fact. I prefer rye, blame my Danish heritage, myself. But my neighbours love their wholemeal and I try to make what people like to eat!

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