Dreaming of an earth oven…

The baking blogosphere is packed with earth ovens, ancient and new, found all over the world. They are a reminder for those of us with electric ovens stuck in the wall that bread making is an ancient craft practised for centuries if not millenia.  I wish we had made these at school, maybe some enterprising teachers make them now.  I came across a guy the other day who had taken a small group of children out to the woods for a picnic. He was engrossed in firing a tiny home made oven made out of an old thermos flask on which he was cooking hot dogs for them, fuelled by twigs and leaf litter.  They were having such a good time!

I spend too much time dreaming and not enough time doing, but if you are a bit like me then Breadhunter‘s blog is a great place to spend some time and dream and maybe find inspiration. I think I’ll put myself down for a copy of that book when it comes out. …

7 thoughts on “Dreaming of an earth oven…

  1. Choclette

    There is definitely something within us I think that likes to cook outside – just think how popular bbqs and bonfires are. I used to be so excited as a child when I got a potato to eat from the Bonfire Night fire. And I so enjoyed our pizzas baked in an outdoor homemade oven the other week. Now I’ve had a look at some of the pictures on the Breadhunter’s blog, I see my friend is by no means alone. Do you think you might build one?

  2. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    I go through phases like this, until I remember how much work is involved with firing up a clay oven! They do look so lovely, and the bread gets the most wonderful flavour, but I also like to bake only three or four loaves at a time, so it wouldn’t be very fuel efficient.

    What I think would be nice is if we had access to communal ovens like they do in Morocco – where everyone makes their bread and takes it to the baker to be baked. I’ve just been reading about it on Roz’ Taste Travel blog – each person arrives with a separate basket (covered in a distinctive teatowel) containing the day’s breads. There’s a photo about halfway down her post:
    Celia xx

  3. cityhippyfarmgirl

    I dream of a wood fired earth oven as well. There are so many different types that look so appealing. I like Celia’s idea of a communal one as well. Although if I had one, maybe I would invite all bready friends over and we could have a day of cooking from it. Ahhh… the dreams are endless.

  4. Nat

    I love all of the breads from various kinds of oven in the blog! Never imagine a bread from “stove pipe oven” or “soap stone oven” but that’s how bread should be! Original, down-to-earth and lively.

    Thanks for letting us know about this interesting site. :)

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