Other Weekend Baking

Chewy baguettes with a hint of oat and rye

Baguette crumb

Absolutely delicious, will try and take a shot of a slice before it's all gone

Click here for recipe:  Dan Lepard’s Tamarind Date and Walnut Cake with Cardamon Icing

Dark moist and squidgy and lasting well!

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        1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

          Choclette and Celia – I was a bit surprised at the holes too! Dough had a hot soaker of 20 grams oatmeal 20 grams dark rye flour and 40 g very hot water, mixed and left for an hour. Then mixed up a dough with 150 g (100% hydration) white starter, 300 g water, 375 strong white flour, 1 tsp spraymalt. I added the soaker to the water first to break it up and then added the starter, flour and spraymalt. Mixed to a rough dough, left for 20 minutes, added 8 g salt. Three hours bulk ferment with a fold when I remembered. Divided into 3 blobs. Shaped and put in a couche cloth and then I think they maybe had two hours more for the second prove. Dusted with flour, slashed and onto the bread stone for about 30 minutes at 220 C. So your guess is as good as mine! The soaker was a very small proportion of the dough, Michael had suggested that oats have a softening effect on the crumb which is why I added them but maybe that was responsible for the holes, or maybe it is just slicing the bread through on the horizontal plane that gives the impression of bigger holes?

          Choclette, is your bread 100 % rye? I don’t think you get that look with 100 % rye as it doesn’t have the same sort of gluten that wheat flours have.

  1. GillthePainter

    Oooo those holes are great for housing a smother of chunky garlic, & melted butter, Joanna.

  2. Choclette

    I don’t get holes with my sourdough – is that because it is rye do you think or because it needs to be left longer to prove? Not that I actually want holes in my normal loaf, but it’s good to know how to ring the changes if needed.

  3. cityhippyfarmgirl

    I saw that recipe for the cake the other day and thought I should give that a whirl. It looks divine. Cardamom, it’s my spice of the moment.
    The baguettes look amazing! Very, very professional.

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