Mellow Bakers Grissini

Nearly forgot the grissini, everyone said they were so easy so I left them.  I don’t think I would win any prizes for consistency in rolling out.  But here are the best of the bunch!

Made with grated parmesan, the dough for these is full of fat, olive oil and butter and I think I prefer the drier more hollow sort of bread stick to these substantial beasties.  But I know a poodle who would kill for any of the mis-shapes to fall his way!

Last of the May breads for Mellow Bakers, roll on June and the beer bread, Vermont sourdough and pizza – all from Bread by Jeffrey Hamelman.  Join in anytime if you are reading this, it’s all for fun, there are no prizes, and you can make as many or as few of the recipes as you fancy.

9 thoughts on “Mellow Bakers Grissini

  1. Oggi

    At least somepoodle would love to have the sticks. ;p

    I love the photo, it’s very pretty with the white rose.

  2. Dan

    These look like a great snack for my bread/carb loving boy. Are they simple to make? I haven’t made bread for such a long time. You’ve got me thinking that I should start again.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Go for it! If you roll the dough out and cut it into strips with a pizza cutter, I believe it is quicker than fighting with the ping back effect like I did last night. That’s what I am going to do next time I make these.

  3. Choclette

    You sold me the moment you mentioned lots of olive oil, butter and parmesan – yum. They do look very fetching adorned with such a beautiful rose.

  4. spiceandmore

    My kids have recently really gotten into grissini. Initially I made them with a proper recipe….but now just use some of my standard sourdough bread dough and cut and roll into grissini. Brush with olive oil and sprinkle on some herbs de provence and salt. Must make some more for them today…

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