80% Rye Rebake Quickie

So good I had to bake it again after I gave the first one away; I kept a bigger piece for myself this time.

The mixed dark and light rye version of the 80% rye bread

This is a remake of the Jeffrey Hamelman 80 % rye with hot rye flour soaker. For this one I used a mixture 50/50 of Shipton Mill’s light and dark rye for all the rye flour components of the loaf; the soaker, the sourdough etc.  The loaf came out with a lovely caramel-gold coloured crust and crumb. Still a bit on the sticky side,  but delicious all the same.  I am in love with the sweet smooth taste you get from the hot water soaker.  Also look at the difference that cooking in a Pullman tin makes to the crust and the colour of the final loaf!

Crumb close up

6 thoughts on “80% Rye Rebake Quickie

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      You could be right there ;) There’s a jam on toast moment coming up tomorrow morning….. though not the blackberry. Got to put labels on the jars still….

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      It may be airy, but it is still rye through and through and Brian won’t eat it. You’re right Celia, the braiding section is amazing, what was your line about ‘harnessing the mania? ‘ I think JH has braid mania…he seems quite reasonable, for a baker, up to that point and then he gives himself away completely :D

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