10 thoughts on “Zeb

  1. heidiannie

    So nice to meet Zeb- I love your droll humor naming your blog after your dog!
    Fried egg and sausage is much better than birthday cake.

  2. steve

    Joanna – Nice Pup! Who cares if he is lazy? He is just ‘easy to manage’, right?

    I bet that for just a scrap of sausage he will get right up. Where would we be without our doggies?

  3. blue

    A much loved dog, by all accounts
    and why shouldn’t he be – he’s gorgeous!

    Any excuse for a party outing, that’s my motto.
    Have a great day and a tickle behind the ears for Zeb

  4. Abby

    Happy birthday to Zeb! And by the way, my little guy was very taken with Zeb’s picture today and kept asking all sorts of questions about him . . . So he, for one, wouldn’t mind much if you made Zeb the star of some future posts. =) (I, of course, enjoy the bread posts, so you have a wide audience at my house!)

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