Yorkshire Dales: Creative commons courtesy of Chantrybee http://www.flickr.com/photos/chantrybee/2911840052/

This morning we are heading North to the Dales of Yorkshire for a baking get together at Martin’s Manor with some old and some new friends! I’m thinking about making sourdough croissants, pasteis de nata, Mick‘s chocolate brioche – can you see which way my thoughts are going…..?

On the way we are going to try and visit the loaf in Crich and say hi to Andy Aulda and hope to get a glimpse of the Viaduct at Ribblehead.

If you want to see what’s going on, you could try checking in on the Dales Dough Do and hopefully there’ll be some pics there over the next couple of days. Robinaccio has a new phone though and might post on his blog, so that will be worth checking too!

And we’ll be thinking of Rick at Mairs Bakehouse who hosted last year’s event where we had such a brilliant time making cottage loaves and stotties and all manner of fun breads.

Are you travelling somewhere this weekend?

16 thoughts on “Dalewards!

  1. Blue

    Joanna, I’m with you in spirit and looking forward to seeing your (and Brian’s ?) lovely photos and reading all about it.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Andrew

    So lovely to meet you today and spend some time talking about all things bread and baking! Great to now know about straight-cut scones and gluten strand effect on slashing!

    I hope you have a fun weekend and bake some great stuff. A

  3. heidiannie

    What a wonderful way to spend a weekend! How big is your group- do you stay all in one place? I am thinking of setting up a couple of workshops on the coast of Virginia for breadbakers and am very interested in how yours is set up!
    Have a delicious weekend!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      @ Celia, will look for some photos on Brian’s camera in a bit

      @ Blue maybe next time?

      @ Heidi this wasn’t a workshop, more a get-together for people of varying skills and abilities but of course a shared passion to bake together. I also didn’t set it up, all the hard work being done by Birdbread and Firebeard who built a kitchen from scratch and an oven and well everything. Some people camped in the field, some stayed in B & B’s. All very fluid arrangement wise.

      1. heidiannie

        It sounds like a great time- good friends and great bread!
        I’m impressed by the level of baking and interaction- coming by train and bringing bacon and homemade jellies! How did you all meet?

        1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

          Back in the mists of time, before I baked, a bunch of people got together from Dan Lepard’s forum in Wales, this is the fourth of these. I have been to two, Mick who hosted the first one in his home town of Bethesda has been to all of them, the second one was in France, I had just joined the forum that year, and was too scared to go and then spent a lot of time kicking myself, so vowed I would go to the next one if there was one… that was last year. They are all different, informal and who knows if anyone will be mad enough to do one next year. I’ll let you know if there is one and you can hop on a plane! There were several people who hadn’t ‘done this’ before this year too, as well as some who had.

  4. Choclette

    Hope you have a great time, it certainly sounds as though you will. Liking the sound of chocolate brioche – no surprises there. I’m just about to catch a train to London then onto the eurostar to Ghent. Haven’t been abroad in years, so although it’s a work related trip, it’s still quite exciting.

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Your breads were much enjoyed by all on Friday night!

      I didn’t make anything I had planned but I did make your 100% spelt and I was pleased with the result and I am going to make the pasteis at home this week. I did a lot of helping other people activity which was lovely but meant I didn’t bake so much myself. The Do is going on till Tuesday morning. best Joanna

  5. In a Welsh Garden

    Hello again : )You’re probably back from this trip now – It sounds like such a fabulous experience – the informality makes it a loss less scary to attend too I think . So glad that you went after not getting there last year – as a fellow frequent ‘bottler-outer’ I am cheering at this : )

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Hi there! Yes I’m back, I did go in fact last year to Wales, it was the one before in France that I didn’t go to. The scariness factor is set against how likely are people you argue with on a forum about sourdough vs yeast likely to be axe murderers? On balance probably not. There are certain categories of occupation that seem to engender trust in me, bakers, architects, dogwalkers, and artists :) How are you doing?

  6. Andrew

    Phil Joy who you met in the Dales baked with me this morning for an event we had today. Thought you might like to read about it at…
    the loaf’s blog here

    We had much fun and made a heap of bread!!


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