Pete and Dud

Why are Peter Cook and Dudley Moore here? Well I did have a post featuring a 10:10 publicity film about climate change. But the film has been pulled. If you ever saw the advert for the Ka, with the pigeon, then it was in the same sort of vein. So I have taken down the post as it seems pointless to keep it up there. There is something about the campaign and the film here on Wiki.

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were considered similarly outrageous in their time, and probably some people still think they are too much, or too rude or something. I believe in tolerance and a world where people can express their opinions and views without being shut down for it. You can always switch off the TV, or stop staring at your computer screen after all. The choice should be ours.

My thoughts: No one thinks to protect toddlers from the horrors of the Cilit Bang adverts allowed in their cartoon time, so that the children go to their parents and demand they buy cleaning products, or prevents companies from advertising Toy Story nappies to children, so that when they go shopping with their Moms they cry in the aisles because they want the nappies they’ve seen on TV, as told to me by a mum friend of mine yesterday. She dealt with this by buying the Toy Story nappies on two for one and negotiating a deal with her kid that he got to wear them every other night. One rule for big business, another for independent film makers. It was ever so.

7 thoughts on “Pete and Dud

  1. Tutak

    Your nephew haunts the cleaning products aisle ( ‘look, there’s a pink Domestos, we haven’t got that one!’ ), and checks out strangers’ undersink cupboards to find out if they have any interesting Mr Muscle variants….

  2. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    ;) I have heard this from other people too. Maybe it is harmless, I was just having a little rant. The tune for ‘1001 cleans a big, big carpet, for less than half a crown’ just popped into my mind. (whistles away happily). Does my nephew get down and dirty with the cleaning products or does he just like the packaging?

  3. cityhippyfarmgirl

    Just watching that clip, I had to smile at the cigarette that Peter is sucking on, times have changed huh.
    The Monkeys don’t watch any commercial television, so no ads for them, but it is funny how just occasionally Monkey Boy will point something out to me that he knows. Osmosis? other kids at pre-school? They are sponges and they suck up any little detail that is around them, that’s for sure.

  4. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    As a coda to this – I received this email today from the director of 10:10

    ‘As you may have heard, last week, 10:10 made a mistake by releasing a short film about cutting carbon which was supposed to be humourous but in the event upset a lot of people. We quickly realised that we had made a serious mistake and took it down from our website within hours.

    We also issued a statement apologising but there has subsequently been quite a lot of negative comment, particularly on blogs, and understandable concern from others working hard to build support for action on climate change.

    Whether you already knew about this or not, I am very sorry for our mistake and want to reassure you that we will do everything in our power to ensure it does not happen again.

    We are also sorry to our corporate sponsors, delivery partners and board members, who have been implicated in this situation despite having no involvement in the film’s production or release.

    10:10 is a young and creative team but we will learn lessons from this. We are going to investigate what happened, review our processes and procedures, and share the results with our partners. Responsibility for this process is being taken by the 10:10 board of directors.

    This media coverage for this film was not the kind of publicity we wanted for the cause of saving the climate, nor for 10:10, and we certainly didn’t mean to do anything to distract from all the efforts of those in other organisations who are working so hard to secure effective action on climate change.’

    I emailed back saying that I still supported them and what they are trying to do. :)

  5. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    And I will just stick this in here because the man makes so much basic sense

    The Dalai Lama today on FaceBook:- said

    Ultimately, humanity is one, and this small planet is our only home. If we are to protect this home of ours, each of us needs to feel a vivid sense of universal altruism. It is only this feeling that can remove the self-centered motives that cause people to deceive and misuse one another. If you have a sincere and open heart, you naturally feel self-worth and confidence, and there is no need to be fearful of others.

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