17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

  1. Chocveg

    Happy Christmas to you all too! Hope your baking is done and you will have time to put your feet up and pull a cracker and pour a glass or two!
    I’m meant to be in SA but due to snow am not yet! It is said it is better to travel hopefully than arrive, and I am hopeful for Monday!
    Peace and happy baking for 2011!

  2. Christine

    Hope your day was fabulous, Jo! All the best for a wonderful new year!!

    (ps. May I ask if Zeb received anything from Santa? :) )

  3. arthur

    Merry Christmas to you Joanna!!! Prosperous 2011!!! May your New Year bring a sweet smell of successes like the wonderful aroma of baked bread! Cheers!!!

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