Nigel Slater’s Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake

Nigel Slater's Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake I wasn’t going to do a post for this but Choclette has commented on the photo, I didn’t know you could do that.. it was just a photo that I put on Twitter today that is uploaded to my blog library. How many drizzly cakes does anyone want to see in one day after all? But here is the other cake. I like the taste and texture of this one much more than the one in the Bundt tin.

A very classic cake which doesn’t taste too strongly of marmalade, don’t be put off from trying it, if you like oranges and not marmalade.

Nigel Slater’s original recipe is here on The Guardian’s website.

I would advise that you take care creaming the butter and sugar, make sure it is fluffy, add the eggs very slowly otherwise the mixture curdles and the cake is more likely to have less air in and sink.

24 thoughts on “Nigel Slater’s Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake

  1. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    “Trust Nigel”. Yes, I think that’s wise advice, dear Joanna. :) The cake looks delicious, haven’t actually made an orange cake before, so this might make a memorable first. Gorgeous glace marmalade rind on the top too!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      When you eat this cake you are transported to a world of National Trust tearooms. It’s a good one, it’s going on the make again list for sure! I was thinking maybe throw in some chocolate chunks next time…

  2. Choclette Post author

    Everyone’s into marmalade cakes at the moment. I guess it’s using up last year’s stocks to make way for the new. I never have a surplus, so haven’t yet made one, but I expect my time will come. Yours looks lovely, the orange cake sets off the white icing nicely.

  3. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    I’ve moved your comment over here Choclette! Thanks! This batch of marmalade was made in December, clearing out frozen oranges to make room for Christmas stuff, we have a permanent surplus…

  4. heidi

    This looks perfect! And I could, can and will make this one- I’m very good with cakes that fall in the center a little. Cakes have never been my specialty- but an orange marmalade cake is different. Thanks for the recipe!

  5. Christine

    I think I would trust Nigel too…I am exactly in that category! Plus, made with your own gorgeous homemade marmalade..what could be better! I’m loving the lattice drizzle on the top, very sweet. :)

  6. jan trounce

    That does indeed look delightfully eatable – the light in the photo, too, is just great. I love the idea of a recipe that sanctions sinking – satisfaction guaranteed! I’ve never yet managed to cream butter and sugar and add egg without the mixture splitting – I will try phooffing in a bit of flour next time – but what is the difference in texture between a curdled and non-curdled cake?

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      At a guess it affects the final volume of the cake? The other thing is to warm the eggs gently in a bowl of warm water before adding them. I seem to remember doing that once, though of course I forgot this time.

      Go on make this one, Jan, it will transport you back here I promise :)

      1. jan trounce

        Oh, you’re there right now, what fun – like yoohooing over the fence isn’t it! I’ve just been drooling over your lemon cake too. (I did think the icing in the picture on the Carnation site looked as if the cook had been at the cooking sherry, yours is better) – thanks for the tip re warming the eggs.

  7. minadott

    Inspired by this post I made this with lemon and lime marmalade…In fact I had the recipe in Nigel’s Kitchen Diaries but it had never caught my eye…I don’t think the picture in his book does it justice…the peel in the marmalade is a bit thick for some tastes (!) and we have rather a lot of it…so I put it in the food processor and ground it up with the butter and sugar and threw everything else in and baked just as Nigel said…put lemon icing on and it was a bit success…a nicer lemon flavour than with some other cakes I have made since it is not bitter…..I think the marmalade gives a bit of a caramel flavour in the “crust” of the cake. Given how many jars of the marmalade we have I could be making a lot of this cake…guess life is tough ?

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Really pleased you had a go Lynne! I just defrosted the last three pieces for unexpected guests, it’s all gone now.

      I agree the pic in the book is a bit unexciting but that’s how I know that Nigel says it sinks a bit ;) – love the idea of doing it with lemon and lime marmalade – I was thinking one could even sneak a layer of butter/sugar/marmalade filling in the middle for extra calories, but it doesn’t need it really.

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  9. timethief

    Looking at this cake is making my mouth water. That reminds me that it’s supper time and I have company coming. Hmmm … one of my friends loves baking so now I have a bright idea. Guess what it is?

    1. Joanna Post author

      Cake and scones for supper? I hope you have a lovely time with your friends whoever makes the cake ;)

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