Coo ee!

I am still here. Apologies that I haven’t posted for a bit, and there will be a bit to do before I can post properly again as I have a new computer and I am trying to get it organized before I dive back into the blog. I miss you though. So if anyone just feels like saying hi and telling me what you’re up to I’m all ears. I have got some photos to show you and I hope to get them up and sorted over the next day or so.

XX Joanna

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  1. sallybr

    Hello there! Good luck with your new computer, it’s always a little bit of a nightmare to change systems… “enjoy” the ride!

    what am I up to? Working hard, our next month in this sabbatical research, and then a long driving trip back, which I’m not looking forward to – I will probably have to take a break from blogging at that time too

    hang in there, and your readers will wait for you with open arms!

  2. Jeannette

    Hello Joanna, I hope you get to grips with your new computer soon, I bet that you will! I have started off another of Mick’s 5 – seed Spelt loaves, the last one was taken down to Devon for over Easter so I didn’t get much of it, this time I hope to have a proper taste of it.

  3. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    Missing you!! I’ve been taking bird photos for you! Other than that it’s been hectic here with visiting relatives, but it looks like we’re finally pulling out of this darn trampoline virus. It’s also yucky admin time here – lots of tax, paperwork etc to sort, so I’m a bit snowed under at the moment.

    Glad you’ve got the new computer! Yaaay! :)

  4. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    Hi Sally, Bagni, Jeanette and Celia – ah that’s so nice of you all! I am full of good intentions and then I get distracted and it all takes twice as long to sort things out, and a small voice sitting on my left shoulder whispers… ‘this hard drive is much bigger, it can take all your junk, you can just leave it where it is, no one will know, go and look at Twitter instead…” And then salvation – a voice shouts up the stairs ‘There’s a cup of tea down here.’ And I am lost :D

    1. cityhippyfarmgirl

      Mmm, mac… I’m gearing up for a new mac laptop.
      Sending clarity of thoughts and ease of keyboard…geez, does that even make sense? Enjoy the new mac Joanna :-)
      Just ate some of my fig, almond rosemary loaf and probably post about it this pm. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. heidi

    Hi- I’ve been missing you, too!
    I have had two little boys for the most of last week- so today I am resting up, and picking up, and putting things slowly back in order.
    Getting ready for a large bake sale later this month- and then off to my island for two weeks.

  6. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    Hi Brydie and Heidi

    You are all so kind to leave me little messages – I am going to give up trying to sort out my bookmarks and the mysteries of syncing and do something in the real world for the rest of the day. I don’t know how people manage who work in IT all the time. I like the new keyboard though, the keys on my old one were sticking like mad and this one is much nicer. Wish I was going to your island too Heidi ;)

  7. Melanie Corley

    Hi Joanna! Missing your posts and beautiful pictures here, too. Hope you had a wonderful day and got away from the computer to enjoy the spring air! I always let my hubby sort out the nitty gritty details with the computer. I got P Reinhart’s book Artisan Breads Every Day last week and am enjoying making new bread recipes. Going to try Many Seed bread tomorrow.
    Take Care
    Mel :)

  8. Elaine

    Hi Joanna
    I have just been given ‘Herman’ – the start of a friendship cake, by a good friend. Instructions are very clear but not sure about day 3 (today) as apparently I have to talk to it! I have to feed it on day 5 and so will let you know how I get on. Never heard of this but other colleagues at work have.
    Elaine xx

  9. jan trounce

    Hello Joanna, I was very glad to see the Zebedee flag waving on the horizon – I thought you were lost. I’m looking forward to normal service being resumed. Normal service here has been a bit interrupted by the discovery that we have been running a termite-takeaway cafe downstairs – gadzooks – but ‘the man’ is coming on Friday to issue an eviction notice and then we have to look at how much timber they have munched on. Apart from that – winter weather has finally arrived here and we have very chilly mornings and evenings with blue sky heaven in between.

  10. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    Hi Mel – B sorted out the cables but the software and applications etc is my job and I am very impatient and then I get in a muddle and then I have to go away and apply cold compresses to my fevered brow….. How lovely to have a new bread book! Can’t wait to hear how they come out :D

    Hi Elaine, I have heard of these and I am not quite sure what they are, Amish? Will look forward to hearing more of Herman soon ;)

    Jan – termites yikes – I have seen them on Attenborough and I heard they ate their way through loads of money in a bank in Uttar Pradesh recently… I haven’t seen them here, though I have encountered the dreaded dry rot in another home, and I hope the eviction is thorough! Revving up for an early summer here, swallows have arrived at last. :)

  11. chocveg

    Hi Joanna, hope you are up and running soon, but maybe take time to have a relax inbetween?! My bread afternoon at church went well on Saturday – 14 of us, 14 loaves, 7 trays of naan and 7 trays of breadsticks yum yum! Just got a cake cooling to ice in the morning and take to work tomorrow! Enjoy life off-blog, and chat to you soon!

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      Wow, you up later than me! Sounds like a wonderful afternoon at church, new career? – Hopefully I’ll be posting again this weekend. Nearly there. :D

  12. Nome

    Hi Joanna,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your comment’s disappeared because blogger’s been having some problems – it wasn’t me! Anyway, that’s a lot of help. Cheers. :)

    1. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

      HI Nome, I thought I saw something about that, Choclette said she lost her last post and all her comments. I don’t know how helpful I was, but I have had similar things with the Monarda in this garden. I’m not a gardening expert though. I hope your blog is OK now, thanks for dropping by!

  13. C

    Hello! Missing all your bread posts and the lovely chats in your comments too. I hope all is going well with sorting out the new laptop – how exciting. I’m sorry to admit I’d just transfer everything over, junk and all and then pay for/regret it later!

    I think of you every time I bake yeasty bread instead of sourdough, so I must have a concerted effort to eat through the freezer and free up some space for a sourdough loaf in there – it only seems worth making lots of sourdough in one go as it takes so much longer! I’ve been sorting out too – a new bookshelf for all my cookery books, and it feels so nice and organised having them all in one place. I wonder how long it will last before they spread themselves back out round the house?!

  14. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    I bake yeasted bread as well as sourdough, probably about 50/50, but I don’t bake as often as it might appear from the blog, and certainly some gets frozen as well as given away. I like the sound of your new cook book shelf – I have some new ones which I haven’t had time to look at yet. Am going to make crinkle cookies tomorrow. I’ve made the dough…. :)

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