The Lake this afternoon…

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The air temperature is 24 C, the water temperature a delicious 18.5 C, you can glide, bob or splash up and down in the top warm two inches of the lake, watching the fish jump, and the odd willow leaf wander past. I can take two guests in.

Join me.

(For Jeannie)

13 thoughts on “The Lake this afternoon…

  1. Abby

    Love the new layout, Joanna! I’ve spent some time wandering around…very easy to find things! =)

  2. teawithhazel

    oh for a little paddle on the’s been quite cold (for us) here overnight..2.7 deg..but now the sun is melting the frost and it’s threatening to be a lovely the background colour of your new layout..jane

  3. heidi

    I love the new format- but then I loved the old format!
    I just like coming to visit.
    I used to go to an old quarry site that became a swimming spot and it looked a lot like your lake- and was very cold even in the hottest weather.
    Did you wear your wetsuit?

  4. Joanna Post author

    Celia, Suelle, Debra, Jane, and Heidi – Thank you all for visiting! I wish we could spread a rug out and have one of those picnics with ginger beer and cream scones and cucumber sarnies all together. Though if we all brought goodies, I don’t think anyone would want to swim afterwards.

    No wetsuit today! It was positively warm once I got going ;)

  5. cityhippyfarmgirl

    Ooooo, looking lovely round here Joanna!
    Your lake still looks lovely as well, I think I would still be a big girl though and just dabble my toes, as it still sounds cold ;-)
    (ps. Keep your fruit cake picture up there, as it’s a gentle reminder for me still to make it… or maybe I should be put it on my desk top…or maybe just do it!)

  6. Joanna Post author

    More visitors! Brydie, I will definitely keep the fruit cake picture there while the sun shines and I twirl my parasol – and until I can snap the Zeb in a new header sized picture ;)

    Timethief – thank you once again for the inspiration. I love the way the photos are framed and the slideshows look better too – my next project is to read your post on using html tables for pictures and practise using it xx

    Gill, I’ll put the kettle on :D

  7. sallybr

    I like the new look too, very neat, clean, and elegant! You did a great job!

    and the lake…. what a dream of a place! ENjoy!

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