A slight distraction or two..

Very difficult to do anything when this is going on, Zeb howls like he is about to be abducted… normal service will be resumed once the Balloon Fiesta is over. We love seeing them come over unfortunately the dog thinks it is an alien invasion….

14 thoughts on “A slight distraction or two..

  1. Amanda

    Lovely pics – thanks for sharing them. Lucky you, having an air show in your back yard! shame about the soundtrack from the dog.

  2. C

    Fabulous! I love that panasonic battery! Have you ever been up in a balloon? I haven’t but I’d really love to. Not sure I could persuade any family members to come with me though, I’m always the one that wants to climb to the top of cathedral spires and go up the tall buildings in foreign cities while my mum wants her feet planted firmly on solid ground!

    Poor Zeb though, I hope he calms down soon!

  3. Joanna Post author

    They’re not the best photos, trying not to burn dinner, contain a howling crazed poodle who is convinced the world is about to end.. twice a day they come over if the wind is in the right direction and some dip alarmingly low over the garden. I think it’s the whoosh of the burner that does his head in – poor little barking sausage that he is.

    I’ve never been up in one, I don’t like the thought of the landing. I am a big coward !

  4. Suelle

    Poor Zeb!

    I’d love to be where you are, watching hot air balloons; it’s an ambition of mine to travel in either a hot air balloon or a glider!

  5. jan trounce

    Our daughter has a very old Staffordshire terrier – affection on four legs, allows children to roll all over her and talks without speaking – but if she get the faintest swoosh of hot air balloon she becomes utterly frantic; a quivering, howling, neurotic creature. You do wonder what it is that sets them off, don’t you – poor little sausages. As for me, I’m quite content to look up and say ” how lovely” and stay firmly planted on terra firma. Well done your Dad, by the way!

  6. Jeannette

    I have seen this spectacle a couple of times when younger son was living in Bristol, he still sees some from Bath he says when he’s lucky! Grand-daughter is back in BHU and her mum has told her to look out for them, I hope she sees some, it might brighten her day a bit. They are a wonderful sight

  7. heidi

    We have a hot air balloon adventure business a couple of miles from our home- during the summer there are a lot of these over our sky and horizon- the whoosh is a slightly unnerving sound if you’re not prepared for it- so I can see why poor Zeb was howling!
    They are pretty. I’m with you, though, I’m not going up in one.

  8. Joanna Post author

    Thank you all for the dog love coming this way. He has behaved even more awfully today, shouting and carrying on at the bottom of the garden as my neighbours have taken to letting their noisy dogs run around in the lane and they come up and tease mine under the gate. I am so not amused. It’s the Dogs Home for him if he doesn’t buck his ideas up…. :roll:

    and we haven’t even had the 7 pm fly past yet… I ‘m hoping for a change in the wind direction

  9. emilysincerely

    Thanks for the show. I hope Zeb can have a peaceful sleep tonight. I have been up in a balloon. I loved the peacefulness of it, but when the burner was lit, man that is loud and hot. Emily

  10. Joanna Post author

    He is anticipating terrible doom and destruction, the landing of the large round object in his back garden. Brian has a weed wand that makes the same sound when he fires it up. Zeb will run and find me as fast as he can if he hears it, and his hearing is very acute, then he claws his way onto my lap and sits and shakes, his temperature rises. Now Brian can only use it if we leave the house. It’s a full blown phobic reaction. He has been known to hide in the washing machine…

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