How to remove the ‘number of subscribers’ notification from the Email Subscription Widget

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One of the things that our blogging host,, does quite frequently is to change things, usually announcing them after the fact, but not sending us emails to tell us if they are optional or not. Most of these changes are aimed at making our blogging experience better and easier and I have benefitted greatly from all the hard work that goes in from the WordPress team.

One of these recent changes was an addition to the email subscription widget to be found in the sidebar telling everyone how many people subscribed or ‘followed’ the blog.

I put that there to make it easier for people to get notifications of posts, but not to show the world how many people subscribed.

To be honest, for me that just seems like a boasting, egotistical sort of thing to do, not that i have that many subscribers, but I don’t blog to compare myself to my fellow bloggers so I have unchecked the box in the widget this morning. I was relieved to see I had that option as I thought it was something WordPress had done that I couldn’t change.

This really is just a personal blog and I can’t believe that anyone is that interested in how many people subscribe to it, other than marketeers and other spammy people who want to somehow use me.

Of course, if you blog for commercial or branding reasons then your motivation is different and this ‘extra’ may be of use to you.  I don’t wish to tell anyone what to do. But as this is a personal blog,  this is a personal opinion.

Hang on a minute, you say, but what about that Visitors widget with the flags? I think that one is pretty, and really all it shows is the numbers of people who have touched down here for any reason at all over the last six months or so. They might not have liked what they saw and jumped off again. So really it’s just a decoration, I like flags!

14 thoughts on “How to remove the ‘number of subscribers’ notification from the Email Subscription Widget

  1. bagnidilucca

    I haven’t noticed how many subscribers I have being shown. In fact I don’t really understand it at all. There are email subscribers, other wordpress subscribers, comment subscribers and I just don’t get it. Blogging is fun and I do it because I like it, but it is also fun to know that someone is actually reading the blog. I was at a cafe that we had just written a blog about yesterday and 2 people came up to me and said they were there because they had read the blog – what fun.

  2. Nip it in the bud

    I hadn’t noticed it but then it hasn’t appeared on my widget.
    You’re right though about apps changing things – I hate Facebook for that where you set privacy settings and then it keeps defaulting to sharing with everyone! grrr, if it weren’t such a helpful tool for keeping in touch with distant friends I’d have scorned FB long ago

    1. Joanna Post author

      FB has just changed everything all over again this week. I get so confused by it too. Most mysterious why it hasn’t appeared on your widget, is it the one called Blog Subscription or a different one….? Anyway, tis but a small thing… :)

  3. sallybr

    Do you read minds? Or at least, MY mind? ;-)

    I noticed this number yesterday and it really bothered me – like you, I don’t want that info to be on the front page, it is meaningless and misses the point of blogging – at least to me, my reasoning is the same as yours. I love the flag thing for the exact same reason you do.

    anyway, thanks for posting this, I am going to the dashboard and trying to change it right away!

  4. bagnidilucca

    It’s me again. I just looked and I see the number of subscribers. I don’t think I would have noticed that if you hadn’t pointed it out.

  5. ceciliag

    Thank you.. I agree and am grateful .. I am a bit (well a lot) low tech and need telling these things. well done for anticipating my query.. c

  6. Joanna Post author

    Thanks for the feedback! I was just having a moment this morning, I don’t usually write posts like this, I guess I just got annoyed trawling all over the WordPress site trying to find out the answer, and then thought, hang on I’ll go and see if it’s something I can change myself. So I did and wanted to share. :)

    As bloggers we can all pull up lists of the people who subscribe to our blog and the comments in the dashboard and study our site stats, which show how many hits we’ve had, and the search terms that people use to find our blogs.The information is there in the admin part of our blogs waiting to be read, if you are so inclined.

    That’s why I know that more people arrive at my blog looking for info about pectin and wanting to read about Nigel Slater’s marmalade cake than anything else. So it goes.

    We can also see if people have visited (been referred) by other blogs, and where people have hopped off too having visited ours. There is lots of info there and is one of the ways I find new blogs to read and people to visit.

  7. heidi

    I don’t think this is on my page- but then- I am some sort of welded together patchwork of a blog. I don’t really understand ANY of the tech stuff- so I just tell my support guy what I want and he does it for me. Otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging, I think.
    Glad you figured this out, though! :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      Good Afternoon Heidi, Good for you having a support guy! I don’t think you are on the same blogging platform so this doesn’t apply. I know a fair few people are though so that’s why I mentioned it. :D

  8. Just Add Attitude

    I found your blog via a comment you left on bagnidilucca. Thanks for posting this as I had been wondering if there was any way of removing ‘the number of subscribers’ that recently appeared on my blog.

  9. Misky

    I knew that I’d read the info on this somewhere on your blog! Thanks for writing this up, and thank you to my dwindling memory for retaining a small bit of recollection. :D

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