Chinese Lantern from a tutorial at

We were sent the makings of these by Celia @ and I followed the clear and simple tutorial on her blog. Brian did the sewing and hanging and did something fancy with the beads so we could lengthen and shorten the hanging cords. (He took this fuzzy out background pic too with his big camera for me)

I admired them last year and she has a wonderful memory! Thank you Celia!  For anyone else who wants to see how they are made have a look at this post on Celia’s blog.  I keep sending people off to see her Winston Knot tutorial as well! Maybe we should make hanging bread mobiles to celebrate one year?

17 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Elaine Fisher

    Really pretty hangings – will definitely have a go at these. Thanks for passing this on. Might even try to make them in material using the iron on stiffening although they may still droop a bit – will let you know and if I can manage it will take a photo.

  2. heidi

    You and Brian did a beautiful job. I made them last year with some origami paper and they were bright and happy and definitely saggy. :(
    I liked them- but they were not deserving of a photograph or post.
    Happy Chinese New Year!

    1. Joanna Post author

      The envelopes are quite stiff, double paper and seams. They span round in the wind outside so were quite hard to get a photo of. Happy CNY to you too!

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Christine, my sister has given into pet pressure and got my nephew some fish complete with dragon in fish tank;)

  3. sallybr

    Absolutely amazing! You and Celia, plus the respective gentlemen are way too talented, I am in awe!

    Happy New Chinese Year!

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