Snapseed, Shards and Spirals

Snapseed is an inexpensive photo editing programme for the Mac that I am quite fond of and try to use with restraint, though I do love the textures that it creates as above.

This is one of my most recent batches of sourdough rye crackers cut out with a spiral roll stamp which is a good use for this funny little object apart from making pretty patterns on small dinner rolls. Celia made some very good rolls with hers in her Playing with Bread post when we were going mad for Rosetta rolls last year.

Here are a couple of the other pictures, including some rather elegant, or so I thought, shards. These keep so well in an ordinary kitchen tub with an airtight seal. I keep the little packets of absorbent gel that come with camera equipment and put them in the tubs. You can dry them out in a warm oven when they get damp and re-use them, very useful! These crackers are well worth making if you have some spare time and a little old starter that you are not sure what to do with. I have adapted the original recipe to use other ingredients that I like, so don’t be afraid to do that too!

They do end up quite floury so I decided to dust them down with a clean paint brush as I don’t like the taste of rye flour when it is loose on the surface of a cracker. I did feel a bit like Mrs Matisse dusting the fruit (Great Housewives of Art) but it was all in a good cause. I am always delighted with the way that the sun transforms the appearance of bread. Rye has a characteristic grey tone normally but in the sunlight everything is touched with gold.

14 thoughts on “Snapseed, Shards and Spirals

  1. Misk Cooks

    I’d forgotten about these. We really loved their flavour, and I now have some leftover starter (after feeding Seders), so I think I’ll give this a go in a few days. Thanks for reminding me of these lovely crisp breads. :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      You’re welcome Misk, I don’t know how they will come out with a wheat based starter but it’s all worth a try, EM made them with her back ferment starter (see her comment below) :)

  2. Sincerely, Emily

    oh my gosh -that first photo is just calling out to me. Love it. I am making crackers tomorrow with a friend. I CAN HARDLY WAIT! don’t get all excited, they will never look like your first photo. Just going for small square looking things that I can put some cheese on (of just pop into my mouth! Yours are so so beautiful, they inspire me and put a smile on my face!

    1. Joanna Post author

      Small square looking things are good too – I bet you have a fun cutter somewhere in your collection that you could improvise with, or a pizza wheel that you could slice triangles with or go free form… Look forward to seeing what you come up with Emily :)

  3. MC

    Gorgeous! I too have a weakness for snapseed and, like you, I try to restrain myself but sometimes it’s just too tempting! I love the design on this roll stamp. How clever of you to use it for crackers…

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thank you MC :) it is a bit labour intensive making crackers but these keep well providing they are stored in the right way and you can always reheat them to crisp them up should they get a bit soft.

  4. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    What a beautiful post, Jo! Thanks for the mention, and it’s good to have something new to do with my spiral cutter. Your crackers are very, very elegant, and I love the slight hash print on them – is that from a tea towel?

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thanks Celia! The print on my crackers is the surface texture of the plastic chopping board that I used to roll part of the dough on. It was a happy random event, not planned :)

  5. Evidence Matters (@EvidenceMatters)

    These are so elegant and such a good use of over-abundant starter. They would grace so many mealtimes.

    I tried a small expt. last night with leftover backferment starter. The crispbreads and crackers are good although I sorely lack the patience to roll out the dough to the marvel of thinness that you achieve (even with the pasta roller). After I wearied of making the crispbreads & crackers, I made impromput flatbreads from the remainder to accompany a curry.

    Sigh – no matter how many gadgets I have, I know that the beautiful spiral roll stamp lies in my future as I won’t be able to resist it for much longer.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thanks EM! If it is any consolation the stamp doesn’t take up much space… I am really pleased that the back ferment starter experiment worked and flat breads too – brilliant to use everything up if you can manage it :)

  6. hotlyspiced

    What beautiful spirals! And I love the look of your shards. They would be so versatile and great with pates, dips and salsas. Great work!

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thanks :) I tend to eat them with strange things like Swedish fish pastes from IKEA and just on their own, but they are good with most things – the box is nearly empty now and I’d better make some more soon !

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