Bless the Plants that Grow through The Cracks

Years ago,  I used to play the guitar, not very well I may add, and in those pre internet days, one went to a music shop and bought music to play in books. I had a book from something called the Newport Folk Festival and it was full of unfamiliar songs from over the Atlantic, a mix of folk and protest songs that were new to me. 

One of the ones I really liked, probably because it was easy to play, was by Malvina Reynolds and made famous by Pete Seeger. It is called ‘God Bless the Grass’  and for some reason I was humming it as I took these pictures of the plants that have been so very busy sowing themselves round my garden, front and back as the pointing between the slabs in the paths deteriorates. I looked it up on YouTube and found that it still speaks to lots of people. I loved this version of it:

The original  with Malvina Reynolds is here

I thought of waiting for a sunnier day to try and take them again, but it’s been a week and more since I posted so here are my plants that grow through the cracks waving at you all!  Plant some seeds or create a little space and something will grow.

its roots they are deep and its will is to grow

The curly wurly ironwork on our railings, did I mention I prefer curves to straight lines?

A little yellow poppy

Stipa Tenuissima - we used to have these everywhere and now have their babies ever more...

An escaped primrose, a prolific and determined flower, I am finding baby rosettes of their leaves everywhere...

This little chap is another ornamental grass, one of the carex family. I thought there were no more of them but look up he has popped!

We won't even mention the red hazel tree-lings that emerge spring after spring, the squirrel sows these...

and finally the one that made me think of showing you these. Note the state of the pointing. Here is Ruby Streaks, the hardiest salad green, or should it be salad red? that I have ever grown, started shooting from seed that had self sown last autumn back in February... Go the Ruby Streaks!!

I love Celia’s broccoli that thinks it’s a cauliflower. Have you got something growing in an unexpected spot that makes you smile?