A complete digression here but the Doc has taken up his blogging pen again and his camera and got a kitten too! If you want to comment please do it on Doc’s blog !

The Lost World of Drfugawe

Our newest family member came to us via an incident on what would prove to be the winter’s coldest night (22 degrees F) – for it was on the morn following that frigid night that we discovered a tiny white kitten had apparently taken up abode under our deck side wood-stack – but for the next several days, our only clue was a tiny mewing sound that was heard now and then emanating from under the wood-stack.

In the midst of a good deal of profound worry that the kitten might well die before we could entice it into the house and safety, we hatched out a plan to do just that – we placed two bowls, one with milk and the other with cat food, quite near the wood-stack, but still within sight through our living room French door. It didn’t take too long before the presence of the…

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  1. MC

    Thank you for re-blogging the post, Joanna! So glad to hear that Doc has taken up blogging again…

    1. Joanna Post author

      I am pleased ! I have just been reading your exchanges on the subject of cold and hot pot baking bread over on his blog. I am going to join in too as soon as poss as you mentioned it to me a ittle while ago. I have a twitter acquaintance called Toby who bakes from cold and uses his delay oven timer so he proves in the oven overnight and the oven comes on and he wakes up to warm bread. Using his oven as a bread maker, clever :)

      1. drfugawe

        Oh man, the ideas keep flowing out! I love it – as I said before, for some time, I’ve been thinking I was alone in trying these radical baking ideas – and it’s great to see that this is not so radical after all. Thanks Jo, for this new idea – I will try it as soon as I can.

        1. Joanna Post author

          I can’t take any credit for it you want a guy (Toby) who goes by the name of @smithslog on Twitter! I’ll tell him for you :)

            1. Joanna Post author

              I like the maximalist communicator thing… I shall endeavour to entice him over to your blog for you… I think he has a tumblr blog but I’m not sure… :)

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