There was going to be a post on Sunday and then it kind of got stuck somewhere and to be honest I got irritated trying to sort out the photos, none of which jumped up and said “Me, me I am the one! pick me!”

At this moment in time 07 39 Wednesday – we are gathering  ourselves together for a dash to the end of the road to see the Torch jog past and bathe in the Zeitgeist briefly, I will brood darkly on what if anything I feel like writing here about.

In the meantime reflect on the fact that this week is National Vegetarian Week and National Dementia Week and lay your bets as to which is getting more publicity?



8 thoughts on “Stuckness

  1. heidiannie

    The torch is kind of exciting!
    Vegetables are rather exciting, as well.
    Dementia is so tiring and hard- unless it is personal in your family- one would rather forget it. :(

  2. Joanna Post author

    Aw thanks darlings! You didn’t have to comment! I was just waving and saying I was trying to write posts and am getting stuck. Anyway, I have written a little something complete with pics from this morning about the Torch xx Joanna

  3. thehaleyway

    Oh my gosh Joanna I was SOOOOO stuck last week with my zucchini leek soup post- intensely disliked the photo I chose but posted it anyway because the recipe is delish. I hate feeling “blah” about my photos, and like you(I think), consider my blog an extension of myself and want to feel proud of it. You inspired me this week to be honest, and the next time I am dissatisfied with a photo I post, I’ll voice my dislike. Thank you for your honesty!

    1. Joanna Post author

      Publish and be damned! I just did another one, do we get paid for blogging? no. So our readers I am sure are just happy to see what we are up to. Dashing over to read your zucchini leek soup post right now. I just pulled the last of the winter leeks from the garden as they were starting to flower… so I could do with a good soup ! x Jo

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