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  1. Joanna Post author

    Not today? Rats ūüź≠
    Then my apple calendar has got it wrong, How about Scone Fortnight then ? :D Anyway, it gives people time to think about it if they want to make them, was going to suggest a twitter hashtag maybe too #sconeweek, or fortnight?

    1. heidiannie

      No reason not to start today. is there?
      Apple calendar can’t be wrong.
      Besides *fortnight* is one of those words I always like to use, like *Nor’easter*-
      let’s do it ladies!

      1. Joanna Post author

        Hi Sconeteer! When shall we three meet again? Scone enchanted evening?

        Brian has just offered me his scone joke collection and as I have suffered I thought I would share the burden

        What do you call a fast moving scone? (this is where how you pronounce it has an influence…)

        S’… gone!!!! ( as in Vroom!,,,,,but pronounced as in Ron)

  2. heidiannie

    LOL- Joanna- I can see that you have suffered greatly. And although I have tried to introduce the British pronounciation of scones here in the US- most people balk and refuse-scone- as in stone- because the tea shops make them very solid and rather heavy- is what we eat here.
    I’ve put up my first entry- scutterbotch scones.

    1. Joanna Post author

      He who makes dreadful jokes, uses both pronounciations interchangeably anyway, Those scutterbotches looked absolutely amazing!

  3. hotlyspiced

    I heard about this from Celia. I’m definitely going to have to bake some scones this week and I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last made scones! xx

    1. Joanna Post author

      I baked some last night and am sitting here quietly munching (shhh, it’s 4.30 am) and I don’t think I have made them for ages either, so you are not alone :)

  4. Jan

    Love it :). Scone enchanted evening and scutterbotch scones. I’ve just discovered that my iPad doesn’t have a sense of humor and is also American! I really had to pull rank with scutterbotch. I felt like beating it about it’s prissy little scone. I’m tempted to make some secret-veggie scones for my grandson but my scones are usually heavy enough to be Tom-cat missiles.

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