A Slice of Bread

Sourdough bread with yoghurt cheese, italian figjam, zaatar

But which loaf did it come from?

I haven’t got a lot to say right now. I had a very busy weekend and worries on my mind once more. But this post is meant to invoke the sunshine gods to return to the UK so that we can have a bit more outside time. It’s been pouring all day, I’m doing tax stuff, which involves lots of shouting and gnashing of teeth, mostly my own. And, as anyone who is a procrastinator like me will know, it suddenly becomes extremely important to write a blog post, or look at your photos, or leap onto Twitter or do almost anything rather than the task at hand. Or eat a slice of bread and jam…

What are your favourite ways to avoid doing the stuff that you have told yourself you should be doing?

31 thoughts on “A Slice of Bread

    1. Joanna Post author

      Do you have a secret camera in my home Cas ? I cleaned as well, four drawer fronts, half a worktop and a chocolate bespattered Kenwood, where I had tried to eject the handles of the handmixer and pressed turbo instead and the Kenwood minding its own business was splattered like a paint gun fight at the weekend….

    1. Joanna Post author

      Excellent idea! At the moment I am sorting out the recycling… I was contemplating sorting out my bread recipe folders in fact but that was almost as scary a task as finding the bits I need for the tax.

  1. hotlyspiced

    I am so behind with my tax. I just hate entering all those receipts into the computer so much. Such a waste of time. Really must be like you and just get it done. I do hope you get some sunshine. Your summer took a long time to arrive xx

    1. Joanna Post author

      It is looking sunnier today, though I think we are heading on towards autumn, that can be warmer than summer sometimes – on with the tax this afternoon, I am going out now while it is looking good :)

  2. Misky

    I rearrange the contents of my kitchen cupboards. I write poetry. I check the contents of the medicine cabinet for expiry dates. I write poetry. I roll socks into neat balls. I rewrite the grocery list so it’s neater. I write poetry.

    Enough about me. Arrived back home from Denmark yestereday, so I need to get myself to the post office … hehehehehe.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hello Misky! Lovely to see you’re back – I rely on my memory for grocery lists and thus forget the things I already have and then buy again. If I write lists I forget where I put them….

  3. bakecakecrumbs

    Well, I’m enjoying reading your lovely blog and admiring your bread and jam instead of revising. I think I may be on twitter quite a lot more in the near future as the exam looms and I need distracting. Sadly I don’t think I know enough to pass. There’s always a resit though.
    I hope we do get some more summer, it’s started feeling autumnal now, and we had the most terrific thunder and lightening storm today – very impressive! Good luck with the tax returns. There are various other things I’m putting off but being employed means at least I don’t have to do tax!

    1. Joanna Post author

      We had a huge storm here too yesterday, one of those ones which is coloured a lurid green on the weather map. Good luck with the exam, I do hope you pass xx

  4. drfugawe

    Would love to see your recipe for Italian Figjam sometime – I’ve got a big fig tree which is just now loaded – your jam looks interesting because of its light color – mine are always quite dark. Off to the coast to catch some crabs today!

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Doc, that really is Italian figjam, homemade in Italy with early Italian figs – a gift from a dear friend. In Italy the figs crop twice and the first, earlier ones, are lighter in colour, so I don’t think it is the recipe but the fruit itself that gives that golden colour.

      Have a wonderful time at the coast !

        1. Joanna Post author

          I like the sound of white figs, are they really white or a pale green? I have never had enough figs to make jam, so I just eat them off the tree.

          1. Le Petit Potager

            The two varieties I grow are White Adriatic (Verdone) which has light green skin and deep pink flesh and is the much sweeter of the two.
            White Genoa has yellow green skin and pale amber flesh. I was thinking of adding a little white balsamic to the jam this year…… that is if the fig birds leave enough for Jam!

            1. Joanna Post author

              The names are beautiful! I have a prosaic Turkey brown fig, the one they recommend for growing in the UK. I just found two half eaten figs on it, maybe your fig birds have found their way here.

  5. Ann

    I’m another who uses blogs as an excuse for not doing something – especially housework….
    I’ll just go and see if Zeb has posted something … and Celia …. and…! Of course dogs always need a walk too.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I am glad I am of service in the halls of procrastination – in my more cynical moments I think of blogging as addiction, and other bloggers as pushers, go on, you can do it, start a blog of your own…. Dogs needing walks is a necessity though, keeps me sane sometimes xx

  6. timethief

    Hi Joanna,
    Anything at all beats doing taxes. We are now enjoying sunshine and as the renovation has ground to a halt I’m going spending some time in the sun on this last long weekend of summer.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thank you for the compliment on the header, it’s my little dogs paddling around at twilight on Midsummer’s Eve in Loweswater in the English Lake District a few years back. Hope you’re having a peaceful sunny weekend (hugs back)

  7. Sincerely, Emily

    oh the art of procrastination! So many other things that don’t normally rank high on my list get suddenly moved to the top when I really am putting off doing something else. I loved reading what others do and laughed at oh sooo many of them. Dusting, cleaning drawers, rearranging things, sorting, cleaning off the desk, etc etc. I think I have even started to paint a room that I had been putting off in order to put something else off. Sometimes anything else is better than what I really should be doing. ahck! So funny, but not so funny! Wishing you sunshine (you can have some of ours!) and warm bread. E

    1. Joanna Post author

      My best this week was suddenly needing to root out tiny stipa seedlings in the paving outside the front door when I should have been… Your wishes worked! It has warmed up again ūüĆĽ

  8. heidiannie

    I procrastinated answering in comment form and am now way behind!
    I’ve actually been to busy to keep up with the blogs I follow- watching a 4 year old is time consuming- taking care of a sick 4 year old when his parents are away keeps one from having any free time at all.
    I read. Most of my procrastinating is in the form of just finishing this book- and starting another one!

    1. Joanna Post author

      I hope the sick one is better now and that you are reading some great books Heidi! I have just posted a windowpane picture in my new bread post for you. Hugs and love, Joanna

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thanks Smidge! I caught the sun! Haven’t finished taxes, not while the sun shines anyway. First things first :)

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