The view from the Back Door – a challenge

Cecilia @ thekitchensgarden has a wonderful blog with a readership she calls the Fellowship. Her latest post is a beautifully simple challenge and anyone can join in whether or not you have a blog. Read about ‘What I see from my Back Porch’ and maybe have a go.

I just dashed outside and luckily the sun is out and took these two shots to join in:

Looking down the path towards the back and a most attractive shot of the washing line, complete with resident robin,  I am afraid I have edited out the underpants!

From the Back Door - Zeb Bakes

Robin on the line

30 thoughts on “The view from the Back Door – a challenge

    1. Joanna Post author

      Yes that is a grevillea, flowers through most of the winter and making seed now in true antipodean style I guess. And the rosemary is the sole survivior of three bushes and is ginormous :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      The robins are very cheeky, they sit there and watch closely in case someone is going to fill the feeders up :)

      1. Misky

        I’m not sure which, but we have either sparrows or wrens. I can never remember which is what. And we have lots of them! Last year we had lots of blue tits and robins. Now it’s this sweet little muddy-coloured bird.

        1. Joanna Post author

          Wrens are tiny and have tails that stick up, almost as if they has been chopped off. House sparrows and dunnock can be confused, and then of course there are baby robins who don’t have red breasts, just to confuse you a bit more ;)

          If you have lots and they fly around in a gang, probsbly house sparrows ?

          1. Misky

            I Googled dunnock, and I don’t think it’s that little fellow, so I reckon it’s house sparrows. I’ll remember that bit about wrens having the tail sticking up; a very good tip.

    1. Joanna Post author

      It’s filling up nicely now but it is very cold again today, after that sunny moment this morning we have had waves of heavy showers, hail and a big temperature drop, brrrrrr !

  1. heidiannie

    I really like your back yard- all abloom with robins and poodles livening up the area!
    I’m not home just now- but I will have to do this sometime- it’s nice to see an intimate view of someone’s back yard- even with the underpants edited out :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      I was trying not to move from the back door step so I crouched down for the first shot and swivelled for the second. I was so pleased to see the robin that I didn’t notice the pants till I was just about to upload it :) Hope you are having a great time!

  2. themondaybaker

    Your garden looks lovely! I’m particularly impressed with the fact that you managed to get washing out – mine is currently over an airer in the spare room. Again. :-(

    1. Joanna Post author

      It was a bit optimistic, it came in quite soon after that – it turned into a very wet and chilly day. The garden likes the rain though :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      You are always welcome to come and have tea in the back garden and have a chat with the robin :)

  3. Ann

    Love this and I’m glad to see Zeb taking time to smell the flowers.
    Talking of underpants – my grandsons in England think it hilarious that in Australia we call trousers pants. If I said I wanted to buy some pants they thought I was talking about my knickers.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I have knickers but Brian has underpants, or I suspect we csll them pants, (he says he calls them underwear, just asked, ooh I didn’t know) your grandson is right, English chaps rarely go out in their pants unless they are on a stag night or something ! They wear trousers, jeans, chinos, shorts (UK short trousers not undergarments) joggers, cut offs, fashion is not my strong point !

  4. pattisj

    Nice! The robin is cute, so different from here in the U.S. We feed the birds, so it wouldn’t be wise to hang the wash outside.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Thankyou! We feed the birds too. I think we have once had droppings on s sheet that was out all night, but only the robin sits on the corner like that, and the washing line is folded away when we don’t use it. The feeders are situated away from the line. You can see one in the first photo. What sorts of birds do you get where you live Patti?

  5. two engaging goldens

    I miss robins …. we do get kookaburras on our washing line – bigger poops though – Joy

  6. Promenade Claire

    Too funny about editing out the underpants – understandable though :)
    Love that view down the path and seeing Zeb in situ – one day I hope my garden will have that feeling of big plants, leaves and flowers all tumbling around and over. The garden is a delight!

    1. Joanna Post author

      I just felt they weren’t my pants to share ;) Plants grow so fast and the ones that do well here seem to get big, I was down at Zeb’s height – about 20 inches off the ground, on the step at the back door, so everything maybe looks bigger, never taken that shot before, but I was determined not to move from the spot. The garden has its moments and there is usually something to look at.

  7. Jan

    What lovely photos Joanna. I particularly like Robins, my youngest daughter is named for the bird. I love the ‘conversation’ the washing in the foreground is having:)

    1. Joanna Post author

      I have no idea what that T-shirt is saying to the shirt ! Probably muttering about the fickle nature of the weather. xx

  8. Melanie

    Your backyard looks like a wonderful, peaceful, garden sanctuary! I love all the colors and the presence of some pine trees. Yes, your robins are definitely smaller than ours. They are so cute!!! We just got back from a small trip, and all our baby robins have left their nest:( I did get to see the first baby leave its nest before we left, though. So sorry you had cold, rain, and hail (yuckk). It is cooler this weekend here, but beautiful, partly cloudy w/ just enough sun. (Our hummingbirds showed up yesterday! Yea!!!)

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Mel, two chaffinches have shown up the last couple of days and I can hear them noisily singing as dusk falls tonight. The robin has been back every morning and I now realise he/she sits on the washing corner so as to survey the lawn and dives on to pick up worms for the babies, he/she repeats this for about half an hour each morning. We have had two glorious days of sunshine and been out and about picking garlic with friends and feel very appreciative of some decent weather at last. So pleased your hummingbirds have arrived! XX Joanna

      PS the pine trees are ‘borrowed’ trees as they are in next-door’s garden!

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