Lost My Glasses in the Garden

Reflections on Lost Glasses

Oh dear, the top search leading to my blog, yesterday was Lost My Glasses in the Garden.

Lets have a think about that one, must be something to do with that Goddess of Small Lost Things post…

How about, going out with a torch at dusk and shining it around and seeing if the lenses catch the light? The trouble with glasses is that they are so transparent, so you could look for them and look right through them. If you can look for them by the colour of their frames, or look for curves or something sticking up, don’t think of them how you would see them on a desk or a table or in their container, look for the edge.  Think about what happened when you took them off, were  you reading, did you stop doing one thing and start another, did you go into a shed to get something else and take them off, did  you open a bag of soil and put them down on a brick, or a stone, or a ledge. Were you called into the house and took them in with you and put them by the door or leave them in the bathroom?

I really hope  you find your glasses… I have so many pairs and I can never find them, even when they are in their cases. I have just recently festooned their boxes with strange stickers so I can tell them apart and I never know where I have left them. I can spend ages looking for them.

Does anyone else have any thoughts on how to make glasses visible?  Those dangling strings that people attach to them, I have tried those and they don’t work for me very well, I get tangled up in them and they obscure my peripheral vision when I drive.

Update :

Ardys @ ardysez.wordpress.com is a great friend and blogger and she sent me this photo and wrote :

Your post today reminded me of back in August when I was working in the garden and my glasses slipped out of my pocket, when and exactly where, I had no idea. I looked and looked in the area I had been working until finally I saw them. They were so well camouflaged, I thought it nothing short of miraculous that I found them. Thought you would enjoy the photo I took, why, I don’t know, but somehow it seemed like proof of a miracle, I suppose!! xx A

photo copyright Ardys

A Miracle!   Shown by permission of Ardys @  http://Ardysez.wordpress.com

22 thoughts on “Lost My Glasses in the Garden

  1. Pat Machin

    Love it! The problem is that if you need glasses in the first place, you will find it difficult to see anything you are looking for. I do love those oddball search terms ~ gives me many a giggle.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hi Pat, I see quite well without my glasses so could probably hunt them down, but you are so right!

  2. hotlyspiced

    The trouble with looking for lost glasses is that without them, you can’t see much anyway so any search is usually fruitless. I’m always amazed at what brings people to my site xx

    1. Joanna Post author

      I remember girls at school losing contact lenses on the playing fields and all of us down on our knees patting the grass for many happy hours.

  3. heidiannie

    I try to put mine in the same spots- so I have places I can check readily. I make sure they are with me when going from one place to another- if going into the kitchen I take them with me and lay them down within reach. Keeping them within a certain radius works for me usually.
    As for finding them once they are misplaced- try not to panic- ask for someone else to look- my son can always find them for some reason ( but then he misplaces his own glasses on a regular basis).
    I once had someone come to my blog with the search words, tripping over your own feet.???

    1. Joanna Post author

      Asking someone else to look is always an excellent principle in any search – and at least one has company. Tripping over feet, that’s a tricky one :) :)

  4. Küchenlatein

    Ich can’t see much without glasses and wear them all the time, if it put them off always at the same place. If not, I have to ask some one to find them ;-)

  5. drfugawe

    I have a solution (at least a partial one) for the problem of never seeming to have a pair of glasses when needed – I have located a supplier of eyeglasses at incredible prices, and I simply buy sev new pair every month – then I slip them near every place where I may need them sometime. Problem solved. However, my beloved doesn’t think much of this idea, and I think she is always hiding them on me – or maybe I just need to buy more.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I like your solution, I have glasses in different strengths for different things and have taken up labelling the boxes and hoping that I put the right ones back in the right box… I so enjoy this getting older ‘lark’ xx

  6. Celia @ Fig Jam and Lime Cordial

    Someone needs to invent a whistle thing – so if you lose your glasses, you can whistle, and they’ll beep or something. After all, we’re all blind without our glasses ON, so finding them when they’re lost is hard! Mind you, if you do have a whistle, the damn things will probably beep in your ear all day long when you wear them.. :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      I have a vague recollection of a thing one attached to a keyring that beeped when you clapped your hands – that is until the battery went flat. But you would think with all this nano technology someone could invent a beeping glasses chip or something… good plan, we will make our fortune yet :) xxx

  7. narf77

    Maybe attach one of those key finders to the bridge? Then whenever you lose them they will whistle for you ;). You could always sticky-tape a small mobile phone to them and ring your glasses when you lose them? I am NOT being silly! ;)

    1. Joanna Post author

      I think that might end up being like the moment when the micro spider crawls out from behind the sunvisor in the car and dangles in a ‘come hither’ sort of a way in front of you while you are negotiating a complex motorway junction… :-)

      1. narf77

        Or…when you get home from holidays COMPLETELY bushwhacked (now THAT is an excellent Aussie use of the vernacular ;) ) and ready to drop after a long haul car drive stacked to the rooftop with glamping gear and kids and you reach around the darkened door to turn on the light and you feel something soft… and squishy…and furry…and you take a look and it is the BIGGEST HUNTSMAN SPIDER YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE and if you had it in you to scream or faint you would but you just make a sort of strangled yelp to which your long suffering ex husband limps in myopically and says “looks like we have a new tenant”…yup…one of THOSE moments ;)

  8. Jan

    Such a lovely photo Joanna. I’ve thought too that a little micro chip in the frames of glasses would be a wonderful idea, but I have on occasion been looking for them when the answer to where they were was literally in front of my eyes. Sometimes too the pleasure of finding a small lost thing is almost worth the anxiety of the search (one must look for small pleasures too:)

    1. Joanna Post author

      I am so pleased you like the photo. There are two ‘lost’ poodles in it. It was taken very recently on a damp and drippy morning when the wind wasn’t blowing and the twigs were festooned with droplets. I might post some of the others at some point, sneak them in to a post. Jan, I have been up since 5 attempting to put eight years worth of paper in order, I have misfiled some, so it has been painful in the extreme, requiring copious mugs of tea, two pieces of toast with peanut butter and much sneaking off to look at comments. I am pleased to report that I have located all the lost pieces of paper and am on the home run :-)

  9. Karin Anderson

    I had to submit into wearing those ribbons around my glasses (also with different lenses), and even then I misplace them frequently. At least glasses are a bit larger than contact lenses, that you only find again if the Goddess of small lost things is with you.

    1. Joanna Post author

      I have some fabric ones that are quite jolly from the sports shop, but they get a bit ‘complicated’ under my wooly hat at this time of year. You sound like you know about losing contacts ! Xx Jo

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  10. sallybr

    I think I can beat that…. a few years ago, the top search was “how to make vampire blood”

    well, I was puzzled. To say the least. Gotta love search engines! ;-)

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