Life is an Upside Down Paddling Pool

Zeb in the Pool

Did you ever read a book called “There must be a Pony!” by Jim Kirkwood? This is Zeb the dog’s version of the moral of that story. We turned his paddling pool upside down because it was full of slime and leaves and needed emptying out and left it on the grass. He came back from being clipped and rushed out with his squeaky toy to play in it. When he realised there was no water in it and it was upside down, he jumped in anyway and proceeded to roll his ball up and down the sloping sides. A very fine game and a good life lesson about being flexible and having fun when and where you can and not taking yourself too seriously –  playing in an upside down paddling pool is maybe as good as it gets.

30 thoughts on “Life is an Upside Down Paddling Pool

  1. frandough

    Zeb is so inventive. He islooking at the camera as if to say can still have fun. We could all take lessons from him about not taking life too seriously as you say.


    1. Joanna Post author

      If there is a slope somewhere to roll a ball down, Zeb is your man (or your dog for that matter) !

    1. Joanna Post author

      It has survived brutal assaults for many years now and it is quite clever as it is not the inflatable variety, but I fear its days are numbered as he took to ripping the top edge off this summer.

  2. Jan

    I love that – that’s just the best sentiment – and it’s also such a smile worthy photo!

    1. Joanna Post author

      I like that I can see the white of his eye, his eyes usually disappear, being dark brown against black fur! He is such a funny dog sometimes…

  3. ray@garlic buddha

    This hot weather is glorious but draining. Any room in that paddling pool for me? ;) Love being able to eat out in the garden – jeera rice, South Indian potato dish and my everyday dal tonight :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      There is always room for you in the paddling pool, though it can be a bit slippy, it got hot again today didn’t it? Your dinner sounds delicious – we had lots of home grown bits tonight, veggie fritters, made with chickpea flour, courgette, carrot, leek and chillis, pickled asie, and garden beans.

  4. ardysez

    Very fun, Joanna, and yes, good attitude in life. There is a joke, perhaps based on the book, I don’t know, about ‘there must be a pony in here’ and it used to be my favourite, partly because I could actually remember it! Thank you for the cute post. xx

    1. Joanna Post author

      I haven’t a clue if the joke came before the book or vice versa? On the edition I knew as a teenager the joke was printed on the cover of the book, and as I recall it is in the story too.

      My brain goes this way sometimes, re-reading this post it would make no sense to anyone who didn’t know the joke would it? I think I have too many silent conversations with myself and sometimes my posts are like listening to someone talking on a phone to someone else. Ah well, I bet if anyone dropping in here is really that bothered they would look it up and find the joke online somewhere….

      …Now I have made a huge effort and had a look and by the wonders of technology I have found an image of the cover of the book we had at home, when it cost all of 4 shillings and six pence (that would be 22p in today’s money)

  5. Maree

    I’m not familiar with the book but Zeb certainly has a naughty look in his eye!! Hes having fun regardless.
    I hope you are well and enjoying life.
    Maree xx

  6. sallybr

    Dog wisdom at its best! I love how they can teach us a lot with their behavior, they are all about “stay in the moment”, and that is not easy for humans. It is good to try it, though….

    1. Joanna Post author

      He is a sweet and funny dog when he plays, though still worries about hot air balloons and fireworks (it is that weekend again!).

  7. narf77

    Why is it that I am instantly reminded of Ms Audrey Hepburn when looking at Mr Zeb in his paddling pool! Is it that devil-may-care over the shoulder look? or maybe it’s the casual elegant flick of the hair…either way Mr Zeb, you are one elegant poodle sir!

    Note to self…find the silver lining like Mr Zeb. Although I could never quite carry off that sexy star thing that he has going on, I am sure that I have something slimy that I can flip and make the most of ;). Pats to Mr elegant Zeb and HUGE hugs to you Ms Joanna :)

  8. emmabarrett1508


    I love this post. Zeb is gorgeous. Give him a stroke from me. I just wanted to let you know I’ve just reblogged a Devonshire scone recipe for international scone week. I have also included links to your’s Celia’s and Heidi’s blogs. Take care. Emma.

    1. Joanna Post author

      That’s very kind of you Emma, I like your blog very much. Mine is on the back burner at the moment. I think Celia’s Scone Week is great fun and scones are universally loved in all their shapes and sizes.

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