About Zeb Bakes

I live with Brian and two poodles (one of whom is the Zeb who pops up here from time to time). The blog is named after the dog because once upon a time when I was frightened of the internet I used the dog’s name on a bread forum where I used to post and chat about bread.

This isn’t a very serious food blog, it isn’t meant to be, it falls into the category of journal/social/chitchat/foodie sort of a blog.It has bits about growing things in it, a few posts about local places we visit,  it has occasional rants.

Forgive it, for it is only a little blog with a small readership, though it does love getting comments and I will always answer with great pleasure.

Zeb checks the mise en place for Dan Lepard’s Dundee Cake

As far as copyright goes I would be grateful if you would ask before publishing any text or images elsewhere and please do not pin images from the blog onto Pinterest or similar sites. This is a polite request.

Nearly all the photos on this blog are personal and copyright, i.e. they are mine or Brian’s, whether or not they are labelled with our names or the blog name. I don’t use photos from other blogs or sites without permission and I would ask you to extend the same courtesy.

A handful of the photos published here belong to other people; they have given permission  for them to be used or they are licenced to be used under Creative Commons and credited accordingly.

NB  Dan Lepard’s forum doesn’t exist anymore, so I apologise if links that you follow from various posts I have written meet a dead end. I will try and go through all the posts and take out the links in the New Year.

23 thoughts on “About Zeb Bakes

  1. swithunwells

    This is just fantastic! Well done. Great photography.

    Have you used the French loaf tin yet?

    Bises, Mike

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  3. C

    Great plan with the email! It took me ages to realise that I wanted to put it on my blog. Love your dog, he’s fantastic!

  4. In a Welsh Garden

    Aw ! Ok I think that I left this in the wrong place before. So. I LOVE this post ! Love Zeb, love Zeb sitting up to attention , and this reminds me of when you see dogs with their heads poking out of open windows of moving cars , looking all joyous and ears flying in the wind : D Fab x

  5. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    You got it right second time and I have added a note up top because it is confusing, so thanks for persevering ! He usually supervises from the floor I should say ;)

  6. Joanna @ Zeb Bakes Post author

    And now I realise (thanks to the previous comment) that Jane sent me this message via email and probably meant it to go in here so here it is

    Hi there–your blog is making me hungry…

    I love getting blessings ! Jane, thank you!

  7. chocveg

    Hi Zeb, looking forward to seeing you at the weekend! I like the google search with images – apparently I have written a book called there was an Old Lady who swallowed a Pie! Great!

    1. Joanna Post author

      Oh Jean I missed this somehow! Sorry! I’ve never made a grape foccaccia though I’ve seen them in books and they do sound delicious and yours sounds fantastic with all those spices. I love ginger root!

  8. Jean

    Maybe one day you can do a blog post about how on earth you can bake all this stuff and eat it all…or do you make your neighbours happy? :)

    1. Joanna Post author

      Neighbours, friends, family, Tweeps, anyone who wants it is welcome. I took part of Friday’s bake to a Twitter acquaintance who gave me some fresh eggs, beetroot, and broadbeans from her allotment. I bake maybe once a week these days. The blog is an optical illusion of breadiness. And I have just come back from swimming in 17 C water in my local drowned quarry, that burns a few calories too. The blog was started as a place to ‘house’ the Mellow Bakers’ group I joined, so it tends to be about bread more than anything, but don’t be fooled, I do other things too!

  9. jimchall

    Hi Joanna, Hoping to make bread that looks as good as yours or really tastes as good as yours though I’ve only tasted yours with my eyes. I’ve just started baking from Leader’s Local Breads, and I noticed that you (and many other) people talk about a published errata sheet. However, it is not on the Bread Alone web site anymore. Can you possibly email this to me at jimchall at gmail.com? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

  10. Vardit

    I learned how to make 100% rye from your recipe from the Wild Yeast Bakery School about 2 years ago and haven’t stopped since. So thank you! This bread is the best thing I ever tasted. My husband can’t understand how we lived without this bread for so many years. I ran across your site again today when I was looking for the recipe in order to place a link from my blog to it. My blog is actually non existent yet. I am working on a few posts before I go public. This blog is just a hobby, so I don’t know how many visitors my link will bring you, but I thought while I was here I would tell you how much i enjoy your recipe.

    1. Joanna Post author

      Hello I am sorry I didn’t see this last year, thank you for writing. Your comment was in the moderation box and I haven’t looked at the blog for many months. I hope your blog goes well if you did start it and gives you much fun!

      all best, Joanna


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