Jacqueline’s Bread

Jacqueline's beautiful seeded rye bread!

Until Jacqueline finds some time to spare for a blog of her own she has kindly let me share this gorgeous photo of the seeded rye bread (recipe here).

She sent it to me with this note

It is indeed the seeded rye with old bread soaker- I went through a bit of a phase with those sorts of breads in the recent winter months. Fell in love with Nils’ ‘Alltag Brot’ as well around that time and have made it several times. One of my best friends is type 1 diabetic, and this bread, along with a few of the seeded ones, don’t send her blood glucose levels through the roof like other breads- even white sourdough, sad to say.

Looking closely at the photo though, I’m thinking there were more grains in this one than seeds…never mind! Obviously it turned out well whatever it was I did.

I think it turned out brilliantly! Reckon she should have a blog, don’t you?

Hello! Looking forward to hearing from you...

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