New Bread Books

Dan Lepard’s new book Short & Sweet came out in October 2011 and I am really looking forward to baking some of the new recipes in it as well as finally having all my favourite Guardian recipes in one place.  I think it’s a must have sort of book but I guess I would say that!

Teresa at NorthWest Sourdough has  a 3- part Sourdough E-book which you can download from her site which, if her videos on YouTube are anything to go by, promises to be totally wonderful. It is currently a free download.

Nils, at Ye Olde Bread Blogge, also released an E-Book earlier this year, which I have read and love very much as it contains so many personal recipes that Nils has honed over the years.

Mick Hartley at BethesdaBakers has just published Bethesdabasics with some of his superb recipes and a no fuss guide to sourdough which is available in print or as a CD.  This is my mini review here and here’s my first loaf from the book.  And you can read Doc’s review here if you want another opinion.

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