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T is for… Tarragon Tomato Passata

This is something of a labour of love; the trouble with making your own tomato sauces is that you get spoilt and don’t want to buy the shop stuff. It is labour intensive and, unless you have really good cheap tomatoes, probably not worth it from a financial point of view. However, nothing tastes as good as home made passata and you can adapt the recipe to suit your family’s palate.

The recipe we work off is from Pam Corbin’s wonderful book Preserves, one of the River Cottage Handbooks. We have made many other lovely preserves and chutneys from this book. Recommended !

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R is for… Rambling around

R is for… Rambling around in a Rose garden

It may be August, it may be cloudy and cool, but the roses are in bloom filling the air with their delicious scent, lemon and pink and warm and spicy. I’ve shown you pics from this rose garden at Ashton Court before but these are today’s photos, and even stained with rain the roses are still something special. Click on the photos to see them full size.

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