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Z is for Zeb Bakes, answers to the Quiz and an extra Competition

And now the end is here…. Thanks for suggesting this to the wonderful Chiots Run. It’s been great fun!

ZZillions of Zinging Zippy Zappy Zigzagging words later…

Z is for Zeb Bakes and for Zucchini Chocolate Cake, the cake of the season, I am sure everyone who has either grown or been given zucchini  has made a version of this cake this month. Continue reading

Y is for…

Y is for…Yellow!

When we moved to this house six years ago, I said very sternly that I wasn’t going to have yellow flowers in the garden. I can’t think why I did that now, and over the last few years yellow flowers have appeared everywhere, some planted by me, some brought in by the birds.

I was looking through my photos last night and thought what a lot of yellow…. from forsythia enthusing about the return of Spring, to the clematis of late Summer, a lemon bundt birthday cake, a tin of golden ghee for dosa making, nettle gnocchi, hot ginger piccalilli,  sublime flag irises on the Levels, a golden sunset in the rain heading down the motorway and more…

How could I have thought to keep yellow out of my life?

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X marks… (Rosette Rolls)

X marks… the Spot!

Maria Paola tells me that this roll is called a michetta in her part of Italy and has been kindly sending me translations of Italian recipes after I posted asking for help on Twitter about a type of yeast called lievito di birra. I was slightly confused as to whether this was what Italians call fresh yeast or whether it was the yeast that is used to brew beer specifically. They’re all the same family but beer yeasts have different characteristics from the strain used to make bread. However this yeast is basically the same stuff we use for bread.

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U is for… Urns

U is for… Urns

Italianate Garden, Ashton Court Mansion, Bristol

When we visited the Rose Garden at Ashton Court recently we noticed that the border walls to the adjacent Italianate Garden at the back of the Mansion had been restored with these elaborate urns and sculpted heads and stopped to take some photos. If you were reading my blog last year you might remember the ha-ha and the cows, this is all in the same place. Continue reading

T is for… Tarragon Tomato Passata

This is something of a labour of love; the trouble with making your own tomato sauces is that you get spoilt and don’t want to buy the shop stuff. It is labour intensive and, unless you have really good cheap tomatoes, probably not worth it from a financial point of view. However, nothing tastes as good as home made passata and you can adapt the recipe to suit your family’s palate.

The recipe we work off is from Pam Corbin’s wonderful book Preserves, one of the River Cottage Handbooks. We have made many other lovely preserves and chutneys from this book. Recommended !

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