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Everyday Sourdough

For those of you who are suffering from withdrawal symptoms…

I’m still baking every week, just haven’t baked anything new, sticking to the old favourites of toast bread and sourdough.

This is yesterday’s loaf of my regular sourdough with a little rye flour for flavour and colour.

250 g white starter (25 g active starter, 100 g strong white flour, 125 g water)
75 g rye flour
325 g strong white flour
200 – 220 g water
9 g salt

For full details of how to make this bread have a look at Weekly Sourdough Bread, a big tutorial style post.

Gluten Free seems to be hot right now…

chocolate gluten free cakes figjamandlimecordialI’ve recently whipped up a batch of Celia’s chocolate almond gluten free little cakes (original recipe Jill Dupleix, much admired by Celia!)  and might have to make some more very soon; chocolate, ground almonds, eggs, butter, sugar, what’s not to like?  I used a mix of milk and dark chocolate choc chips so these are a bit paler than Celia’s, but they are delicious and a bit too easy to make.

I want to flag up this great blog post by Dan Lepard over on the BBC’s website on the subject of gluten free baking; loaded with links and tips and an opportunity to ask Dan your gluten free questions and share resources and links in the comments. His new book Short and Sweet is due out in September, I can’t wait!

I might have a go at Dan’s gluten free bread recipe soon, just to see how it comes out, I’ve never had much luck with gluten free recipes, they always seem to come out very oily, anyone fancy joining me in a bake-off?

Coo ee!

I am still here. Apologies that I haven’t posted for a bit, and there will be a bit to do before I can post properly again as I have a new computer and I am trying to get it organized before I dive back into the blog. I miss you though. So if anyone just feels like saying hi and telling me what you’re up to I’m all ears. I have got some photos to show you and I hope to get them up and sorted over the next day or so.

XX Joanna


…and tonight for dinner we had

sea bass fillet
new potatoes
steamed spinach
Tomato hotch potch vegetables – made of a box of left over chilli tomato sauce found in the freezer,  leeks, garlic, courgette, red peppers, green beans and so on…

Does that sound reasonably healthy, the sort of dinner a person should eat who is trying,  if not exactly to lose weight, not to put on any more….?

and no pudding

It was very nice but I wish there was pudding…’s so cold and grey.

Come on weather! Get a move on; the birds are singing away like mad, the doves are cooing, the song thrushes are turning over the leaves,  the magpie juveniles are holding conferences on the football field, there are enough of them out there for a tournament: there are little teeny tiny buds on the plum trees:  and Zeb is in love with a Basset Hound called Issy… I can see what he finds attractive about her, a certain jaunty lilt to her walk… it must be Spring. Please, soon.  And in the meantime, I think pudding might have to be considered….

Nigel Slater’s Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake

Nigel Slater's Frosted Orange Marmalade Cake I wasn’t going to do a post for this but Choclette has commented on the photo, I didn’t know you could do that.. it was just a photo that I put on Twitter today that is uploaded to my blog library. How many drizzly cakes does anyone want to see in one day after all? But here is the other cake. I like the taste and texture of this one much more than the one in the Bundt tin. Continue reading