Lynne’s Photos

This is a picture of Lynne’s wild garlic loaf with its double milk glaze!

And here it is getting the Mostly Bread windowpane test. It looks lovely and airy!

December 2010 – STOP PRESS  Lynne is writing a Christmas blog just for fun.  Click here to have a peek!

7 thoughts on “Lynne’s Photos

  1. Lynne

    My does taste good…goes v well with a nice strong cheddar or Gruyere..not so good with blue cheese or goat..not sure why. Tomorrow is going to be a day of indulgence..there was a bottle of cream 2 days past it’s eat by date..smelt fine so I made creme caramel..really want to have some for breakfast with a couple of Dan’s oat cookies..guess I will be running again soon !

  2. Lynne

    Just checking whether this will link…this was the whole loaf – “double” milk glaze when it went in the oven and another after half an hour


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