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A Bee and a Plum Pudding

The bees that visit adore these drumstick alliums

This is my pic. I try to plant alliums and purple geraniums for the bees as they love them and the bees need all the help they can get these days.  These (allium sphaerocepahlon or round headed leek) flower later than the big ones that we have in the Spring. We get visited by bees with many different coloured bottoms; red, white, yellow and orange, we get small honey bees, large bumble bees, solitary bees. I think there must be lots of bee keepers in Bristol.  Sometimes they fall asleep on the alliums and I find them there in the morning waiting for the sun to warm them up.

Brian came out to see if he could take a better shot and the bee flew behind his glasses. He closed his eyes and waited politely till the bee left.  He needed pudding though to compensate…

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