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Cold Water

I’ve just been for my first swim of the year in Henleaze Lake – a cool 16.5 º C – hardly Bondi Beach and not what I call warm. But my friend had been and I thought this was getting a bit ridiculous, what’s the point of joining a club, waiting for years to climb up the waiting list if you don’t actually go. Shopping was what was required, so I went to Beachshack and bought a shortie wetsuit today.

Arriving at the Lake, the wind blowing in the willows, the water looked decidedly chilly. Someone was sweeping up, and there were a few people around, one woman cheerfully swimming out past the sculpture towards the lily pads.

I wrestled with the long zip taggy thing in the changing room and feeling more than a bit like Captain Blimp, walked over the grass to the long steps down to the water…..

…And then I was in, the wetsuit really does work, I was most impressed, though I couldn’t swim very fast as it really was a bit cold for me. I swam down to the pontoon and then back again and got out. That’s enough for a first swim. I hope it warms up a bit more than this!

My reward?  Crispy duck with pancakes for supper. Bring it on!