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A Bread Bear in Bristol

Bread Bear in Bristol

Heidi who blogs at Steps on the Journey makes these beautiful bread bears as gifts for children and I have admired them on so many occasions and today I had a slightly too firm milky dough sitting in a bowl and I thought it might be perfect for a bread bear. So I went back to Heidi’s tutorial where I see I left a comment in November 2012, just shows me how time flies and how my head is full of good intentions but I got here finally!

Golden Bread Bear

I made a small tactical error of poking his eyes in just before I baked him, thinking that they would pop out and fall off so he is a bit squinty now, he looked slightly more alert before…

unbaked bread bear

…but I have given him an egg wash to show off his beautiful tummy and he has been sunbathing in the garden in between showers. Thank you Heidi for the tutorial – he has been making me smile today!

Sunbathing Bread Bear