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Bristol Sourdough

I made this one for my sister, who likes her sourdough good and sour.  Just as well as it had a long, long final prove. It’s an organic white sourdough with small amounts of rye and wholegrain flours and a little olive oil made with the original white starter I made when I began baking bread two years ago.

Bristol Sourdough with mixed flours

225g mature white leaven
180g water
210g strong white bread flour
75g wholegrain flour of choice
40g rye flour or other wholegrain flour
6g salt
11g ev olive oil

Total dough weight approx 750 g

Mix flours in bowl together.
Mix starter with water in a separate bowl.
Add the mixed flours to the starter and water mixture and mix till the flour is all incorporated.
Leave for 30 minutes.
Then add the salt in to the rough dough and knead for a minute or two, follow this with the olive oil.
Wash your mixing bowl with hot water and oil it lightly.
Return the dough to the bowl, pop a cover over it, I use disposable shower caps or clingfilm and leave until well aerated and has risen by 50 – 75 percent,  giving the dough two or three light turns during this period. Time approx 4 – 6 hours in a room at 20 ° C.

Shape the dough into a boule. Allow to rest on the bench for 20 minutes. Then reshape and place in a floured and lined banneton. At this point you can retard the dough overnight or leave for a final prove until the dough has almost doubled in height, another 3 – 6 hours. This particular loaf was mixed at 8 am and baked at about 7 pm, 11 hours later.

Preheat oven to 220° C or 240° C if you want a very dark crusty loaf and bake with steam for 20 minutes, dropping the temperature by 20 degrees for another 30 minutes after that.

Cool on a wire rack completely before cutting. This bread keeps for several days.

Some other breads from the same day, can’t put the oven on just for one loaf!