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En liten kardemumma bulle vänligen

…which translates ( Google, don’t blame me) to ‘ a little cardamom bun please’

Yesterday was Swedish Bun Day according to Anna Brones and Johanna Kindvall who published a lovely post on ecosalon.com yesterday afternoon. Johanna, who has a stunning blog of her own called Kokblog, tempted me to make these little buns (usually known as kanelbulle) and try and get them done before bedtime so I could eat them on the right day. Johanna has also been fermenting cider vinegar and foraging rosehips and it all looks so beautiful on her blog.

Johanna tweeted a link to where she and Anna Krones had published the recipe and I was overwhelmed with a desire to bake them. I haven’t baked any cardamom buns since the owl faced Tessa Kiros buns many blog moons ago and Brian has asked for buns all summer and none have been forthcoming.

Johanna also kindly gave me the gram weights for the flour and sugar as I am so very bad at using cups, being an English sort of cook. She will put them on her blog later (here’s the link)  on if you want to have a go at making these and like me falter at cups.

This is a nice easy dough to make, though getting the cardamom seeds out of their pods and crushed up was a bit of a palaver. I realised that the first lot of pods were old and stale and the seeds inside had almost vanished into brown dust, fortunately I had some fresher ones from Bristol Sweet Mart and I got there in the end.

FIGGJO FLINT TURI DESIGN CORSICA PLATE  The little plate is a present from Elaine and is from Norway.

If you don’t like cardamom then these buns are not really for you, but you could always flavour them with cinammon instead.

I have put half in the freezer as the recipe makes masses and Brian has gone off with a bagful to the SS Great Britain to do his volunteering – I ate five last night. A woman has to know her limitations.

I am sorry the blog posts are patchy these days, I think I have lost my blogging mojo a bit. If you ever venture onto Twitter you can find me there @zeb_bakes and sometimes I put photos on Instagram too. Why those social networks? There’s something loose and flowing about them that I like, not quite as formal and static as a blog or Facebook for that matter. Twitter’s torrent of chatter vanishes downstream at a great rate of knots and I quite like its ephemeral qualities.

But who knows? I may post some more now the autumn is here and life is more settled than it has been for a while. Sending you all love anyway and thanks for popping in – always appreciated.