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Cheese and Bacon Quick Bread


A ninety minute bread, that's not quick exactly, but quicker than most.....


Here is a pic of the last slices of the cheese and bacon bread I made at the weekend to go with a pan of leek and potato soup with home made chicken stock. Proper bread making will have to wait till later in the week as I am away for a bit.

Is this a bread? Or is it a cake? Well because I slipped some of that creme fraiche in to the mix, it became incredibly soft and almost cake like, except of course there was no sugar in it, just milk, eggs, flour, baking powder, grated cheese, crispy pancetta lardons, olive oil and mustard and a little salt.

I am not sure it counts as bread, but for some reason we were down to the last two inches for toast this morning when I thought to take a picture – so someone liked it.


Crumbly corners didn't stop us polishing this off


It took an hour to bake roughly and forty minutes to cool down enough to eat it; scones would have been quicker but this has a lovely crust and it made a nice change – I did like the crust a lot! I find soda breads quite dry sometimes but this one was rich and moist with all the enriching ingredients. No shaping, no waiting, has a lot to be said for it! The original recipe is in Rachel Allen’s book Bake. I’ve made several things from this book which my sister gave me and they have all worked well. Every time you bake something from a book which works it increases the likelihood you will bake something else, doesn’t it? Some books I just look at the pictures and never cook from.  This is a clear and well written book, good layout, clear instructions. A friendly sort of book.  I like it and would recommend it.

I used :
320g  self raising flour (what I had)
1 extra tsp of baking powder for luck
a little salt and some black pepper
100g of grated Cheddar cheese
140g of pancetta lardons, more than the original recipe – you can use crisped up bacon and that would be just as good!
140 ml skimmed milk plus 60 grams of full fat creme fraiche – you could use all milk
2 large  eggs
1 tbsp of mustard
60ml olive oil

I used a 2 lb loaf tin lined with baking parchment.
I baked this in a fan oven at 160 C (The book says bake at 180 C in a regular oven) for 40 minutes, and took the bread out of the tin and back in the oven for about another 15 minutes till it tapped hollow and looked cooked.

Sift the dry ingredients together. Mix in the grated cheese and the cooked crispy bacon bits without nibbling,  or letting the dog fool you into giving him any.  Whisk the wet ingredients together and then combine with the dry ingredients until well mixed.  Put into tin and bake as above. Allow to cool if you can bear it before eating.