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Gathering nuts in May

Here we go gathering nuts in May…

I wonder if that children’s rhyme was written by someone who lived on the other side of the world?  No, I have googled and it supposedly refers to the young edible leaves and buds of the hawthorn tree also known as ‘the bread and cheese’ tree.  Just nipped out to the garden, grabbed a handful, can report that the leaves are quite soft and well leafy, not bitter though,  not so keen on the flowers….back indoors for a cup  of coffee – eats shoots and leaves :) – that was a bit of a digression, ok here we go..  PS following Choclette’s comment I have done a bit more googling and I can’t resist adding this link I’ve just found to The Knots of May! Go on guess what they do ?

At the risk of being repetitive I have to say that I love The Handmade Loaf by Dan Lepard. I love the beautiful photographs and the stories about the people who Dan met on his travels and I have really enjoyed making the  breads.  This was the first bread book I ever owned and it is a great friend which will  inspire and excite you and lead you to try all sorts of wonderful breads that you didn’t dream you could make for yourself.

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