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Google Images – we are all connected!

and today we have...

This is just a quickie…and something you can do at home as they used to say on Blue Peter – if you’ve ever posted pictures on a blog post or on a forum or anywhere on the net. Google the name of your blog or your own name or however you appear on the net and select the images option.  See how connected we all are – it’s mind boggling! I see the gravatars of my friends, the pictures of their breads, and all sorts of connections I had forgotten, and some mysterious people who I don’t know at all of course. Today there was a picture of a zeb-ra! Do it again a week later and marvel at how it changes, a kaleidoscope of images, of bowls, and vegetables, of dough and cake, and fruit and leaves, there’s a rabbit, a dog in reindeer ears, there’s  a New York chef,  and today knitted socks – such fun!

Hours of fun!

Have you found anything that surprises you when you google?