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Falafel with Fava Beans and Chickpeas

Fava bean falafel

This is my small contribution to the falafel making discussions.  I have till now, only ever either made a packet mix one or bought someone else’s and re-heated them.  I have read many posts and people saying sadly that their falafel fell apart and what was the secret, so I have been reading and asking a little and Lynne has been making them too and I think between us we are establishing some clues…. Continue reading

Almost perfect Falafel (No. 2 in an occasional series)


Today’s packet mix is falafel!

Brian mixed up a batch of Dan Lepard’s perfect pitta bread dough from that seminal work, ‘The Guardian Guide to Baking’  24 November 2007 –  this is the recipe that almost qualified for the title of ‘the easiest bread in the world’.

If you haven’t read this it begins like this

Biting into a tender, freshly made and baked handmade pitta reminds me how stale and tough the shop ones are…

I was hooked neatly with that one sentence and I’ve been baking bread ever since. There’s no turning back once you’ve made your own pitta bread. So don’t try this at home, or you will unleash the daemon baker within. You have been warned.

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