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Bread from English Flours milled at a Welsh Watermill

Made with Felin Ganol milled rye flour

I don’t know if the expression ‘ Sending Coals to Newcastle’  means anything to non British readers?  It’s an expression for sending something to someone which by definition they already have in abundance, so sending bread to a miller would seem to be a slightly crazy thing to do, like sending moon dust to the moon, but that’s what I did a little while ago.

Rye is not as popular in England as it is in the Northern European countries. We get less choice in the sort of flours we can get. It is nigh on impossible to find a shop that supplies cut rye grain, the only suppliers being the mills. The Rye flour generally available is quite coarse and while of course one can bake with it, I like to use a finer flour when I am trying to make European style rye. Continue reading