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Folding and Scaling Dough for Bialys

This was supposed to be in the bialys post, only I can’t seem to add it there. So I’ll just post it here in case anyone want to see how to fold dough, folding dough is one of the best tricks I have learnt about making bread and I like doing it, it’s a gentle considered process that has a magic effect on the dough, much better than thumping the dough up and down on the worktop. No one really needs to do that. Folding helps tighten and strengthen a very wet dough, evens out the temperature throughout the dough so that the whole mass develops evenly and if you do it very gently, helps to stretch and form lots of wonderful bubbles to give you a well aerated dough that a machine simply can’t achieve for you. You don’t have to fold, but it helps!

The second set of photos is using a 100% function on a KD 8000 set of scales to get the dough pieces the same size.

The idea is that you can divide your dough up into equal pieces without having to do lots of sums. So say you want 4 pieces of dough of equal size. You put your bowl on the scales. Zero the scales. Add the dough. Then press the magic 100% button. The number on the scales changes to 100. Take the dough out. Number goes to 0 again. Then cut the dough up. Each piece should be….. 25%. That’s it. So this works best for numbers that go into 100 easily, like 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10, but it will work with 12 as in the example in the slide show.

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