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Red Leaves and Sweet Osmanthus

Corylus purpureaI tend to associate red leaves with autumn but we have lots of plants and shrubs with red leaves throughout the year.

This is the Corylus Purpurea, the purple leaved hazelnut/filbert that gives us so much joy  whatever the season.  This photo was taken with Brian’s compact, a Canon G10.

corylus purpurea catkinsIt has red catkins in the winter, followed by these extraordinary leaves that start off a deep dusky red/purple and turn green as the summer turns to autumn and then produces nuts in the autumn. The squirrels bury the nuts and we find seedlings all over the place. We have rescued some of the seedlings and they are growing happily in pots until they can be rehomed with friends. I am thinking about a little guerilla planting as we have a couple that no one has claimed….

This is an ornamental red crab apple. It has wonderful dark pink blossom but the most pathetic little fruits that are no use for making jelly. Not the best choice in the world!

The flowers come after the leaves – any day now.


And here is my osmanthus bush having its moment of sweet scented glory. When I come home after dark the scent knocks you sideways. I wish it flowered for longer but I treasure this week when it puts on its best show.  I brought this plant from my old house where it had sat in a pot for years and planted it out and it is so very happy!  I have seen teas made using osmanthus flowers, but I don’t know how one would go about it. Should I collect the flowers?osmanthus flowering

All photographs by Brian!