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Chicken Dinner in the Garden

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Hot summer days in this country are still a big event: precious and usually cherished. We celebrate by putting our thermals away and staying out late and attempting to do what those in hotter climates are born knowing how to do….cook outdoors.

One chicken dinner: four huge pieces of chicken, marinated in lemon, fresh oregano, sweet paprika and a little oil, squeezed onto the rack of our new barbecue, dome popped over the top and cooked in about 45 minutes, served with fresh radishes and spring onions and griddled lettuce,  and what look like carrot chopsticks and some other big hunks of salad vegetables.  A slice of sourdough, a few new potatoes. That’s about it…

You want a review? Messy, smoky, delicious. Some of the best chicken I have eaten in a long while, the dome kept loads of moisture in the meat, succulent is the word that springs to mind – I could get into this…. :)  All tips most welcome to this barbecue beginner!

No pudding, just a wander round the garden looking at the flowers.