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70% Rye with Swiss Dark Flour and Rye Chops

Rye bread takes the air...

These rye breads with a high proportion of rye flour and grains are not to everyone’s taste. They are however, enormously popular in Germany and other northern European countries, but I suspect have a relatively small fanbase in England where tastes run to stoneground wholemeal wheat and malted granary loaves, rather than to rye and sourdough when people want a brown bread. The idea that brown bread and in particular wholemeal wheat is ‘good for you’ has been studiously promoted over the years here, but rye is rare in the English diet, apart from in Ryvita crackers!

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Miche Pointe-à-Callière – Lost in Translation?

I am so happy to be baking with the Mellow Bakers!  Here we are starting on our May breads.  There is always some brave person making the bread first, and you can hang back and say, hmm,  that’s interesting, I see what happened there,….or if you feel like trail blazing, that’s OK too. It’s a grand way to bake. Thank you my friends out there!

A miche is a big bread – an oven hogging, flowing monster of a bread. I know the sort.   I have made one of Mick of Bethesdabakers miches and they are most definitely for sharing! I made a 900 gram mini version of this formula this time as B is not keen on strong sour flavoured whole wheat breads and I would be on my own eating this one.
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