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Two Breads for Sunday Morning

creme fraiche loaf, swiss dark hybrid

A choice of bread this morning, soft white bread made with creme fraiche for the toothly challenged one with a series of dental appointments to come and a hybrid sourdough/yeast with a good proportion of Swiss Dark Flour for me. Why the hybrid? It’s what I do when there is a big bowl of perfect starter waiting and it’s late and I don’t want to be baking retarded loaves in the morning. I just add a pinch of yeast, put the little oven on to its lowest temperature of 30 C and move the bread on a bit quicker and that way I can bake it before I go to bed and have a quiet morning. Continue reading

White Bread (Toast Bread)

Toast Bread Jeffrey Hamelman

It’s one of those weeks. A new American pullman tin has found its way into my tin collection and needed to be road tested. I didn’t need this tin, but I wanted it. It was the right size and I had been eyeing them up for a long time. Why no English tin manufacturer produces these for the retail market is completely beyond me.

I also got a banneton with a wooden middle that looks like a Mexican hat. I didn’t need that either, but I really wanted it too. I tried it out and Bakery Bits let me exchange it for a proper couronne basket.  This one has too narrow a centre to create a proper hole in a decent sized loaf. Some people spend their money on sensible things, like a night in the pub.  I spend mine on banettons, Lego, cookbooks and dogtoys.

Chicago Metallic Pullman tin from Bakery Bits

It worked beautifully and Brian is happy to have a soft thin crusted white loaf after eating sourdough for weeks. This bread won’t hang around long. Continue reading